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We feel you, First Lady: All the times Melania curved Donald Trump

It’s becoming increasingly clear that things in the White House are a total disaster.

Donald Trump is lashing out at his closest aides and communications team as leaks and gross incompetence keeps the administration from actually doing anything.

I suppose it’s better for us that they can’t actually do anything. Like, they’re evil as it gets, but their incompetence gets in the way of them making the evil shit go down.

It appears that all is not well in the private life of the First Couple as well if we can read into Melania Trump’s body language around her own husband.

Whether it’s aboard Air Force 1, during The Pledge of Allegiance, or while being hosted by world leaders, Melania stays curving her overly-tanned partner.

There are certain rumors in the bowels of the internet that Melania is stepping out on Donny and they were on the ropes and going to get divorced before the election, but then… Donald Trump became the President and Melania has had to tough it out.

It makes sense that she’s tight 24/7 around Trump with all of the enhanced scrutiny and criticism they’ve gotten during the campaign and after the election. I mean, she really had to go on national television and claim her husband saying that he grabbed women’s genitals was just “locker room talk.” She never signed up for this!

While we can’t really side with Melania, realistically she’s complicit with all of the Trump administration policies and everything they represent, we do feel kinda bad for her…

Don’t believe that things aren’t going well with the Trumps? Watch the video above for yourself.