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Watch South Park clown Logic’s ‘1-800-273-8255’ song about depression

South Park has never had an issue offending people.

The show has made fun of religious prophets, terrorists, and political figures proving they give no fucks. Last night proved no different when the show decided to parody Logic’s “1-800-273-8255,” a song about suicide and depression.

Due to his classmates making fun of him for being suicidal, Cartman dedicates a song about suicide awareness to himself. “Eric, we don’t want you to die/Eric, give life a try,” Cartman sings running through his school.

Wearing a black hoodie, Eric ended his song with a monologue similar to Logic’s VMA performance. The monologue finished with Eric saying “I am going to kill myself if you all don’t start taking it seriously!”.

Although the topic is sensitive, South Park‘s parodies are always worth watching. Taking advantage of the cheesy nature of the song, South Park clowned Logic’s intentions.

Watching Cartman as Logic hold the mic up to blank stares is hilarious every time I see it. The jokes were in bad taste but all of South Park is in bad taste, it’s what they do.

Angry Eric Cartman GIF by South Park  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Depression, suicide, and anxiety are topics that deserve much more attention. Logic’s song has done a great job spreading awareness of depression and many other mental issues even at surface level.

Logic made a very accessible song that while not being incredibly deep has served its purpose in starting a conversation.

Even South Park making fun of it is a sign of how big the song has become in pop culture.

Suicide definitely isn’t a joke and laughing at the South Park episode doesn’t make that any less true.

Cartman is a dickhead, he always has been so let’s just enjoy him doing more dickhead shit for the sake of comedy.

Watch the clip below to see Cartman’s rendition of  Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” and stream the original on Spotify: