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Watch AI give the greatest interview ever while completely off the shits

Allen Iverson must be protected at all costs.

“The Answer” isn’t a Hall of Famer based off his game alone. He’s also a legend because of his “fuck it” lifestyle and classic interviews. You never know what A.I. you’re going to get when Iverson is behind the mic.

With all of that in mind, the Charlotte Hornets were host to the visiting Philadelphia 76ers last night. It was a good night for 76er fans. They got to watch their team cruise to a 128-114 victory while getting yet another gem from Iverson, who was proud of his “little guys.”

After spotting Iverson from across Charlotte’s arena, sideline reporter Molly Sullivan pulled up for a friendly chat with the former league MVP.

A.I. being A.I. was open to Sullivan’s line of questioning and put his full self on display in typical Iverson fashion. My dawg Allen Iverson was more litty than a Christmas tree in the middle of Times Square!

When Iverson was asked about his 76ers squad he said,

“I love my guys. I love my little dudes. They’re my little guys. I love ’em.”

Nothing too crazy about that right? Iverson may have sipped a few brews too many, but how often can you root for the team you love in the town you now call home?

Sullivan came back with a more challenging question as if she was interrogating Iverson, who was clearly lit! The sideline reporter asked A.I. if the 76ers have the right pieces to make some noise in the playoffs.

Like the boss he is, Iverson wasn’t phased. After a long pause and some murmurs and slurs, Iverson said,

“I would be crazy to say we think we need more. I think we got enough to be competitive like we’ve always been and I just think we have enough. It’s our time. I’m gonna believe that anyway regardless of if I think we need more pieces or whatever. I know we’ve got the best coach in the world. We’ve got the two greatest superstars that we need. We’ve got the great role players we need. I’m wit’ it. I’m along for the journey. I think we’re going to do something.”

When it comes to authenticity and being your complete self, A.I. is truly The Answer.

Iverson has transcended the game of basketball forever. Known for his killer crossover and bringing hip-hop culture to the NBA, Iverson has paved the way for today’s NBA superstars to have individuality.

Where do you rank Iverson in your top 10 basketball players of all time?