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Virtual graffiti artist Felipe Pantone sets out to unlock mysteries

Felipe Pantone discovered his magnitude through art and it is quite exquisite. Formerly known as graffiti artist “PANT1,” the virtual artist has transformed himself into one of the most elite international creators. 

Start local and conquer global. Felipe serves as a true testament to free will, trial and error, and unlocking the various mysteries that life provides. 

virtual graffiti artist
Pantone earned his Fine Arts degree in Valencia, Spain (Via DCIM)

His propensity for the unbeknownst truly separates him and creates vivid cityscapes that stretch the boundaries of art. 

His incredible signature motifs appear to be enormous and simply put – it is because they are huge in weight and break the scale with impact.

Felipe Pantone is changing up the genre

There are hardly any words to describe these prisms of neon gradients with geometric patterns and optical jagged grids. The pieces elicit mesmerization, meditation, and downright displacement of light. 

felipe pantone
FP curates the jagged edge (via PANT1)

Much like anything in life, these portraits exist on a spectrum. Here are the key elements Felipe puts forth.

  • Dynamism
  • Sensation of visual vibration
  • Moire effect – contrasting colors give impression of constant movement

Without a doubt, this graffiti artist has found a way to legally challenge the finite nature of the genre. 

virtual graffiti artist
8-bit gradients and pixelated abstractions are this artist’s specialty (via Felipe Pantone)

The virtual graffiti artist flips the script with configurable, optimizable, and modular gems

Through meditation and conceptualization of digital information these works of art have begun to establish permanence on the blockchain. Check out a few ways in which he bestows brilliance.

  • Frescoes
  • Murals 
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures

The key term surrounding PANT1 masterpieces is tactile merit. He delivers his art with conviction and absolute value. Normally, graffiti represents a temporary state of variance. 

virtual graffiti artist
Fake it until you make it never entered his mind (via Pantone)

With futuristic ideas that transcend the time and space continuum, this contemporary artist reinvents the wheel every time he touches a canvas.

Earth is meant to be conquered

Our world is dynamic. Seeing it through solely two black and white lenses will certainly leave you feeling grey. Perhaps even blue, because the ultimate truth is that we exist within the throws of many different hues. 

felipe pantone
This piece gives strong Yeezus CD vibes and showcases infinity (via Maco Galeria)

Recognition of color is a firm realization that we all are different. Yet although we share differences and reach compatible adaptations, we are all equal.

There is no doubt each and every person contains the capability to bring something tangible to the table every single day. Please do.