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Vice and Vogue are partnering to create a ‘fearless’ new multiplatform site

Vogue and Vice, a combination that may seem unlikely, are coming together for an editorial partnership.

In 2018, the leading fashion brand and the gritty news outlet will merge together as “Project Vs” a multiplatform outlet that will last 100 days.

Anna Wintour, Vogue’s head editor in chief, told Adweek,

“Vogue and Vice may appear to some to see the world through different lenses. But, in my view, both are fearless and breathtaking, with unquenchable curiosity and vigor. This collaboration will benefit from two talented editorial teams working together to produce relevant and exciting stories about the way we live now.”

The alliance was unveiled yesterday at a “Final Front Event” by the Omnicom Media Group.

According to Variety, each year, the company “Brings together media outlets seeking to strike deals with the company’s blue-chip clients.” Some big names you might know of include AT&T, Audi, Delta, Pepsi, Nissan, and Apple.

Tom Punch, chief commercial and creative officer of Vice, sounded fully supportive of the mix.

“What started as a slow dance collaboration has quickly become a high-speed collision between Vice and Vogue, juxtaposing the many social, political and cultural tensions of our times to create a capsule commentary on the world we live in. We’re very excited to see where Project Vs will take us all.”

VICE has described the new team collaborations in a little more detail:

“In early 2018, VICE and Vogue will launch Project Vs, a collaborative editorial undertaking bringing the best of both publications onto a brand-new platform. A joint team of editors will be rolling out videos, photos, and long-form stories on the issues and people driving culture today. You’ll be able to check out what we cook up over the course of 100 days—like a pop-up shop, Project Vs will only be around for a limited time.”

Well, I for one, am thrilled to see what the two come up with.