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Using lessons from quarantine once the world opens back up

My stay-at-home game is strong. This might be what many of you are also thinking. While the pandemic was Earth-shattering, it also provided many lessons for us during quarantine. Now how can we utilize these lessons once the world opens back up?

While the introverts maintain introspection, some of you are rowdy and ready to emerge upon the scene. I heard a lot of chants recently of: “We Outside!”

No matter how you navigate it is imperative to always evaluate your past, assess your present and stay six steps ahead toward the future.

Quarantine lessons will shape our near-future

Therefore, the way that life evolves can build upon foundation brick by brick instead of starting from square one during each bout. COVID-19 is a doozie – unfortunately, we are still in COVID SZN as it appears it might be slow for flushing out the virus altogether.

quarantine lessons
A Quarantine Notice from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

Our chances at reaching herd immunity might be shot… but enough about all that – what have we learned?

Keep your distance, be hygienic, and for now, keep wearing a mask

Maintain space in public settings – for many of us this has been an unwritten rule. Give people their personal space and respect the boundary of the “bubble.” For others, the common courtesy that gives me a little room to breathe seems to be rather difficult. 

There is no excuse! Don’t be dirty/filthy/nasty – scrub away and touch objects less. Washing your hands is preferential to sanitizer as the chemical components in hand sanitizer will do damage to your skin.

This one is rather simple – a mask covers your mouth and nose except in most outdoor settings. 

Clearly, those three rules have been spoonfed and indoctrinated into our lives. But what have we learned about ourselves?

Looking inward for some COVID takeaways

Prioritize all health – if you worked a data entry position and sprained your wrist you would probably seek ergonomic treatment for that injury, correct?

Then why neglect the emotional well-being and potential lack of durability within your mental? 

We must always treat our bodies as temples so that we are able to uplift our loved ones and surrounding casts on a daily basis. 

To each their own – but loosen up a bit! Don’t become honorary Lieutenant in the mask enforcement agency or shoot dirty looks when you hear a mean cough. We are all on this planet to coexist and we all have to overcome this nasty virus together. Therefore, kindness makes the world go ’round.

We outlasted a year that felt like a decade – Keep pushing

For many, this pandemic has driven them absolutely bonkers with cabin fever running rampant. For a few, quarantine has given them the exact transformation they were looking for – whether it be self, occupation or home amenities.

For others, the virus has not affected their lives much at all and they continue their operations as usual. 

quarantine lessons
Stay familiar with your wiring

The key component throughout any situation – whether it brings adverse or jubilant results – always revolves back to the cranium. How are you going to attack the situation with your quarantine lessons? Refuse the urge to displace yourself based upon preconceived notions or poor mental habits. 

A well-balanced and harmonious mind

Build your mind like a gymnastics meet – if one thing doesn’t work try a different event.

The most pivotal part is to build the strength so that you can complete each course. Once you start doing backflips on your own inner demons – there is no turning back. Your circuits become plentiful and you are ready to fire on all cylinders. 

dancer doing backflips
A woman acrobatically pushes herself to the limits upon a rooftop

Regardless, always take the time to exercise, meditate, eat plant-based and communicate properly. If you follow these four core principles you will be able to achieve peace of mind in any scenario. Namaste.