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U.S. Military is spending $130,000 monthly for a crib in Trump Tower

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has not spent a night in Trump Tower since becoming president, the U.S. government is spending more than $130,000 to lease an apartment in the building, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal through a freedom of information request reveal that the government signed $2.39 million lease from April of 2017 to September 2018.

As Donald Trump’s large collection of real estate properties cause him to spend more time away from the White House, the U.S. military and the Secret Service have had to expand their budgets to account for Trump’s travel.

The Wall Street Journal additionally reports that the Secret Service requested an extra $25.7 million to their budget to serve as Trump’s “protective footprint” in New York City.

While Trump’s unorthodox living accommodations may require additional security, the amount of money being spent to do so seems unnecessary.

For instance, the government is paying way above standard price for the apartment in Trump Tower.

The Wall Street Journal reports,

“The military’s lease in Trump Tower puts the space far above market rate for similarly sized apartments in the luxury high rise market and makes it one of the most expensive residential rentals in Manhattan.”

If it seems kind of weird that the government would pay the president’s own property money in order to protect that very president that’s because… it is kind of weird.

In response to criticism from Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) about the government’s spending to protect Trump, James A. MacStravic, the acting undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, wrote in a letter that there was no benefit for Trump.

MacStravic wrote,

“To alleviate your principal concern (i.e. that the president of the United States might financially benefit from the lease effort), please know that this residential space is privately owned and that lease negotiations have been with the owner’s representatives only. We are not aware of any means through which the president would personally benefit from a government lease of this space.”

I guess it’s just normal to pay money to the the president’s property in order to protect him?

Then again, it’s really not.