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Two worlds collide in first MusicGamingCon by Amanotes and Nue Agency

What happens when you combine gaming, tech, and music? You get a flurry of culture and creativity that cannot be replicated.

Nue Agency and Amanotes are collaborating for a virtual conference titled MusicGamingCon on Thursday, Dec. 3 from 1-6 pm EST. The conference will serve as a meeting between key people in music, tech, and media to discuss the unique world of music interaction through gaming.

We have seen before what a convergence between music and gaming looks like. Excitement, intrigue, innovation. Look no further than Travis Scott’s virtual concert on Fortnite.

The convergence of music and gaming

Music both is inspired by, and inspires, raw emotion. The best and most successful music also requires an extreme honesty and transparency that can be hard for most people to flesh out.

While gaming can do the same, it is based more heavily upon a different kind of creativity. And a different kind of work ethic.

Thus, MusicGamingCon brings together two spheres (and more) that are not always thought to be related. But why shouldn’t they be? At their cores, music and gaming are both about exploration. They both provide pure bliss to consumers.

Background and more information on MusicGamingCon

MusicGamingCon gives us a conference between industry professionals perhaps never before linked. And that alone is a reason to be extremely excited.

The exceptional and diverse array of individuals includes Lee Trink (CEO of Faze Clan), Just Blaze, Bob Lefsetz, FaZe Nikan, Steve Martocci (CEO of Splice), Aaron Levant (CEO of NTWRK), Cherie Hu (Water & Music), Raphi Lima (EA Games), Kitty Ca$h (DJ Set Performance) and a bevy of other special guests.

Amanotes is the number one music games publisher in the world with over one billion downloads. This first MusicGamingCon will explore important topics like music education, production, podcasts, newsletters, in-game marketing, and more trending topics.

Nue Agency is a creative music agency built for a new generation. Nue, per its own words, “leverages the power of music to make deep connections with consumers.”

How to join MusicGamingCon

MusicGamingCon is free to join, but there are only a limited number of slots available to join the conference. Whether a fan of music, gaming, tech, or just industry professionals at the top of their respective games, tap in to find out more about the culture.

Join here to see what MusicGamingCon can offer you.