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Twitter giving everyone, especially Trump, 280 characters is dumb

Yesterday, Politico reported that Twitter will raise the character limit for every user from 140 characters to 280.

In their ‘Playbook Power Briefing’ Politico claimed that the coming change has become the gossip of political operatives,

“WE HEAR … — TWITTER will up its character limit to 280 characters for everyone in the very near future. D.C. is beginning to buzz about it, as political operatives have caught wind of the change.”

Why does Politico have the scoop on this? This story seems like more of a tech angle than a political one. But the overly-tanned buffoon in charge of our country really loves to use Twitter and the change in character limit could impact the country’s political landscape.

Trumpito will be going off on Twitter like never before with the shackles taken off his account… great.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Beast that there are no planned changes as of yet,

“We have nothing new to share at this time about our 280 character limit test. We are continuing to watch, learn, and observe how this test impacts the service.”

Twitter is all about brevity. The 140 character limit doesn’t really impede anyone from tweeting how they want to tweet and changing that to 280 means we gotta read damn essays while scrolling through our timelines.

For now, a select group of accounts, mostly media members, have had their character limit’s doubled, and realistically it’s not that different, but it kind of seems like a pointless move from the social media platform.

No one asked for 280 characters!