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TV reporter gets flamed for saying Diddy looked like he ‘smoked a blunt and drank a 40’

Sunday, shortly after Jerry Richardson, owner of the Carolina Panthers, announced he was putting the team for sale at the end of the 2017 season, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs let the world know he was interested in purchasing the team.

Granted, it’s an ambitious proposition (the Panthers are $120 million more than Diddy’s total net value), but it’s not farfetched for Diddy to find other rich friends to own an NFL team with. North Carolina native and Golden State Warriors All-Star point guard Stephen Curry said he wants to help.

Yet for some, it doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished and how much you’re worth, such accomplishments are silly to even speak of attaining.

At least this was the case for Bay Area reporter Henry Wofford for KRON-TV’s who, this weekend during a sports segment called “The World According to Darya,” saying he didn’t believe Diddy’s offer. Wofford went on to suggest that the Bad Boy CEO was under the influence when he stated his plans to purchase the Panthers.

“The guy looks high right there in this video,” Wofford said. “He looks like he smoked a blunt and drank a 40. Come on, I’m not taking him seriously.”

As you can imagine, once the segment aired people were irate with the ignorant and racist undertones to Wofford’s comments. Compton native Nipsey Hussle took to his Instagram to reprimand the reporter and to take up for his entrepreneurial buddy, saying he was “offended to his core.”

Wofford posted a full statement Monday apologizing for his words and stressing praise for the mogul.

Although it was said in an attempt to be funny, I realize insinuating a person may be drunk or on drugs is nothing to joke about. For that I sincerely apologize to Mr. Combs, his fans and everyone who was offended. Dozens of Diddy’s twitter followers have accused me of playing on racial stereotypes. That was not my goal. But I understand my comments had that impact and for that I sincerely apologize.

Sean Combs has a long history of success in the music industry and he has done a wonderful job investing millions of dollars in multiple businesses. He has a great reputation for making large donations to help the community. He’s a man who has worked from the bottom to the top and for that I respect his accomplishments. My comment was never intended to downplay what Diddy Combs has accomplished as an entrepreneur nor was it intended to question what he’s capable of accomplishing in the future. Sean Diddy Combs has the work ethic, wisdom, dedication and contacts to be a successful NFL owner.

You can read his entire apology here.

How anyone can find dismissing ambitions, especially when they’re with positive intent, funny is beyond my comprehension but Diddy took the high road.

I hope this fuels Mr. Combs to prove all the naysayers wrong.