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Tupac’s ex-girlfriend is auctioning his dick pics off for $7,500

Tupac Shakur, our 90s hip-hop legend that became an entire generation’s creative idol, is having his dick pics auctioned off by his ex-girlfriend for $7,500 according to TMZ.

Apparently, he would pull out his privates in public, and one day, his girl took a picture of him doing it. Tupac liked to mess around with his friends.

This picture was taken at a house party in 1990, in Marin County, California. It’s not like Pac wasn’t aware this would happen, his girl had threatened to take the picture if he flashed his friends again. And guess what he did?


$7,500 is a lot for a picture of some junk, rap legend or not, so if the initial price isn’t paid, it will be sold to the highest bidder.

To be honest, if any of my friends ever consistently flashed me their junk at a party, I probably wouldn’t party with them anymore, Tupac or not.

Earlier this year, the rapper was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by fellow rapper and homie, Snoop Dogg, who called Pac the “greatest rapper of all time.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the picture yourself, head onto the Rock and Roll auction house for it.

I guess Tupac was right. He really does get around!

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