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Trump is trolling feminists by nominating Penny Nance as Ambassador for Women’s Issues

It’s not news that President Donald Trump is a fuck boy.

While filling executive branch positions, our leader is said to be appointing Penny Young Nance as the Ambassador-at-Large for women’s rights issues.

Penny Nance is known for being anti-anything and everything. Heavily anti-feminist, Trump thought it would be best to have her as the voice for women’s educational and economic achievement and progression.

As of now, Nance is a part of a Christian non-profit, Concerned Women for America (CWA), where she tackles important cultural and women issues, like deciding to oppose the Violence Against Women Act since it “creates new protections for homosexuals” and “encourages the dissolution of marriages.”

She’s also known for her belief in anti-abortion and LGBTQ rights, even writing a column in 2013 where she said abortion was worse than the holocaust, calling the procedure a “cruel genocide.”

She is part of the same organization that once said, “Christians Will Be Forced To Choose Between Violating Their Religious Beliefs And Earning A Living.”

This is the same woman the International Women’s Health Coalition opposed to be nominated.

Cited by Politico, Nance’s 2015 Fox News statement made headlines everywhere when she attacked Frozen.

“Hollywood in general has often sent the message that men are stupid, in the way, and if they contribute anything to the family, it’s a paycheck. The question for us as moms is when we bring our daughters to see Frozen, or whatever the movie is, we often have our little boys sitting there, and is this message helpful? We want them to know that they’re essential. We want to raise heroes. We want to raise real men that will stick in their families and be great dads and be great providers and great husbands.”

How moving.

She is not the first or the last controversial figure that has been chosen by the Trump administration. Penny Nance is sure to show us exactly what we’re expecting; close-minded bigotry found throughout our corrupt government.

Nance and Vice President Pence probably get along fairly well, considering he was just voted the biggest threat to women in our generation.

It’s very exciting to see how much the Trump administration will continue to blossom and flourish into something newly terrible.