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Trace Network Labs and 7 Bridges Brewing Company Launching First-Ever Craft Beer NFTs

The world’s first-ever craft beer NFTs are about to be released. Trace Network Labs, the company behind the NFT marketplace Bling, is releasing just 99 digitized craft NFT bottles, courtesy of Vietnamese brewer 7 Bridges Brewing Company, in this first-ever launch. 

The NFTs are specifically designed to be used within any metaverse. That means any avatar in any virtual world built on the blockchain can have a luxury brand beer to show off to other users.

The Partnership Is an Example of the Blockchain World and the Real World Merging Once Again

Metaverses, NFTs, and blockchain-based play-to-earn games collectively represent an entirely new and unique on-ramp for getting involved with the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Each of these aspects of the blockchain world is driven by a sense of community and loyalty rather than pure price action. 

As the metaverse expands, brands will look to tie themselves to it in ways that make their products top of mind for users.

Trace Network Labs and its online platform are not just looking to earn money off of purchases and sales users make. It’s looking to allow those users to create a sense of their personal preference and lifestyle within a virtual world.

That philosophy is sure to help brands like 7 Bridges Brewing Company become embedded in the lives of the characters living on the blockchain that are controlled by real humans sitting behind a computer screen or decentralized applications.

Why the Collaboration Is a Win for Both Partners, the World of NFTs, and the Environment

Much of the success and failure of new projects in the blockchain world comes down to having a first-mover advantage and offering users the best balance of the Impossible Triangle possible. Users want to jump onto whatever’s hot. They also want to know that the three facets of the Impossible Triangle, speed, scalability, and decentralization are as optimal as possible.

But naturally, as is the case with many different technologies, the blockchain world is seeing its share of criticism over the fact that the industry has a great impact on the environment. 

Bitcoin mining for example uses more electricity than many large countries. By the same token creating digital art is not only rare, it can also be very harmful to the environment.

That’s why this partnership between Trace Lab Networks and 7 Bridges Brewing Company is a huge win for both companies. 

The craft brewer is recognized as the first-ever beer company in Asia to achieve zero waste inside of its facilities. That’s not easy to do.

The Story Behind the Limited Edition 99 NFTs

The beer immortalized in these first 99 NFTs is called Grand Cru. To ensure that only 99 bottles of these beers will ever be made, the recipe for this specially brewed beer is going to be burned, never to be seen again.

The NFTs will be auctioned off to the highest bidders on Bling. While the auction takes place and the winning bidders get their hands on the NFTs, the beers themselves will be stored in cellars to ensure that they remain in optimal conditions.

Winning bidders have until February 29, 2024, to claim their physical beer.

Perhaps the main selling point though is the fact that the NFTs can be shown off within any landscape that exists in blockchain’s ever-growing metaverse. 

Trace Network Labs’ Bigger Vision

Buying luxury goods is all about being able to wear, show off, and collect nice things. That’s why somebody can spend millions of dollars to buy an NFT of the first-ever tweet posted on Twitter when most people might argue that taking a screenshot gives you the same thing and doesn’t cost a single Satoshi.

Trace Network Labs aims to be the leader in “wearable” and “consumable” luxury goods in the NFT space. As larger and more recognizable luxury brands join forces with the organization, the value of the Bling NFT platform will inevitably go up as well.

Where luxury brands in the physical world like Louis Vuitton like to sell consumers on the unique properties of their brands and sell them all through their distribution own channels (standalone brick-and-mortar retail stores and company websites), Bling aims to be a one-stop-shop for users looking to be tied to luxurious lifestyle brands without having to go through separate distribution channels.

What Trace Network Labs is doing is convenient and builds the value of its partnerships and the Bling platform.

Here’s to “drinking” beers (or at least showing them off) in whatever virtual, blockchain-based, crypto-friendly world you want to.