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Top Shelf Premium shows out at Lot45, RRR talks the power of performing

Lot 45 garnered quite the range of eclectic individuals on July 10. Under one roof, garnishments, arrangements, apparel, and hip-hop accentuated the aura at Top Shelf Premium’s Supply & Demand showcase in Brooklyn.

Top Shelf Premium put on one hell of a show…

Whether your eye locked in on the myriad of underground merchandise, vinyl records, caricatures, clothing, food, or performances – not much was left unturned.

lot45 music fan
A masked fan parades in style at the Supply & Demand showcase | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

Entering the Lot45 venue, the first stand to your right hoisted towels with three distinct graffiti letters stylized, RRR. And upon arrival, it was easy to see that Top Shelf Premium and their basketball-themed tees moved from shelves to bodies via hand-to-hand bartering.

top shelf premium rrr
It was RRR Season upon entry at Top Shelf Premium’s Supply and Demand event in BK | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

Top Shelf Premium hosts local vendors and more…

chuck strangers lot45
Rapper Chuck Strangers poses for a picture outside of Lot45 | Photo Courtesy @img.mos
lot45 artist
Sadhugold. fresh off his set | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

Throughout the front half of the venue, people distributed the creative fruits of their labor. Without a doubt, artwork from the likes of 1000 Words, Bernard Rollins, and LAAMS NYC caught the attention of many.

Alexo Dato top shelf premium
Alexo Dato showing off his custom shoes and leatherwork at Lot45 | Photo Courtesy @img.mos
laams NYC lot45
Team LAAMS NYC pose for a pic in the middle of it all | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

The swirling streetwear connoisseurs intertwined brilliantly with local vendors. The more one tried to solicit – the less their product sold. Rather, genuine energy and illumination via visual attraction reigned supreme.

Real Recognize Real (RRR)

From left to right: YL, Zoomo, and Starker | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

Certainly, zero substitutes arrive in lieu of the intangibles. The ability to magnetize your presence and create a distinctly identifiable persona cannot be iterated enough.

Clearly, the corridor just beyond the entrance brought together many different individuals from countless walks of life. The ones who discerned themselves from their character on wax flourished mightily. 

Starker, YL & Zoomo embodied their primetime 7:30 PM slot on stage. Indubitably, the “Lo Ceasar” combination commanded the attention of all patrons. 

RRR (Real Recognize Real) presence radiated throughout the establishment from the jump. When they hopped on stage – the thirst for additional songs grew. Concert goers really began to jive and the abundant energy left many yearning for a longer setlist.

Click here to watch our interview with RRR member MID

Immediately following their set, we turned the block with Starker, YL and Zoomo to capture an exhilarating post-game interview. The following conversation took place curbside adjacent to Starker’s BMW.

From left to right: YL, Zoomo, Starker | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

YL: We literally fresh off stage right now. 

Kulture Hub: So going right into it. What’s a wallaby rap? 

Starker: Wallaby’s are an attitude. You know about Wallaby’s you put them on – you got different sneakers. Wallaby’s are like oh, you on some other shxt. So a Wallaby Rap is when you’re on some other shxt.

Kulture Hub: So with all the different people out there, they say good artists copy great artists steal what does that mean to y’all?

Starker: It means that you got to do what you can to take something that people aren’t familiar with and make it yours. 

“There’s nothing in this world that ain’t already been done that’s a fact.”


YL: Find your own songs. Yo, there’s nothing in this world that ain’t already been done that’s a fact! Add your spin and make it a different collage of shxt that doesn’t already exist. That shxt comes from within…

Kulture Hub: What’s the overseas bag like? I’m not trying to pocketwatch…

YL: That’s some shxt I do off the strength, just like on some love shxt. That’s just like some mixes I do every month type of shxt. Talking about going to Japan and doing the tour out there. Yeah, we definitely got the bag for that and the flight.

But yeah we bout to do it up even crazier next time. Once the shxt really opens up – but that’s really important. We’re trying to go back to Japan right? 

Starker: Soon as we can. We’re going back to Japan.

top shelf premium starker
Starker spits out straight heat on stage | Photo Courtesy @img.mos

YL: Hit up London, Paris. Italy.

Kulture Hub: No doubt. What are you all about Zoomo? I know you’re on the boards and the beats.

Zoomo: That’s it – I’m choppin’ it up. Cookin’ it up, living life.

Kulture Hub: Man of few words doesn’t need to say much. How does it feel though? Y’all had everybody on stage rocking with you – Definitely, the most heightened energy I’ve seen all night.

YL: I’m gonna say this was probably the most lit show that we’ve had collectively. This is probably the most – we were just saying – like wow we finally like getting love in our city type shit.

That’s the craziest part. People of all ages really… mean we were here since like 12 o’clock – just signing vinyl, CDs, shirts all day. That’s crazy bro because I see it online. But, it’s been a minute since we had an in-person thing so – you already know man – I see it in person.

Kulture Hub: Word to the man from Genius Rob Markman. You know, sometimes people go from writer to artists, artists to writer. What do you think about that versatility?

YL: Sometimes personally for me, it’s hard – you got to really be nice to convince me if you were just like some journalist and you were tryna change variety.

“You got to really be nice. I don’t really jack this halfway shit.


Kulture Hub: I know y’all don’t like to reveal too much and I respect that but what can we see on tour when can we see yall next in concert?

Zoomo: When you book us.

YL: Find out – I got a show. August 25. Opening up for Eyedress out here in Elsewhere Lounge Bushwick. 

Kulture Hub: I ain’t gonna hold y’all too much longer. I got one last question. If there was one prominent significant moment, that was the gleaming moment for y’all what was that like? 

Starker: As soon as n*ggas said, “Yo make some f*ckin noise like aaahh.” The first second of the f*ckin set was really locked in – like really in the building.  

YL: I was like, ‘oh we got people’s attention!?’ 

Zoomo: And before the last song Curbcandy – crazy. 

The conversation concludes as newfound acquaintances share daps and a genuine moment. Something tells me this won’t be the last time we hear from these cats. For sure the quality of their music is top shelf premium.

Check RRR’s most recent visual for YL’s Slowpoke Rodriguez track below.