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Tom DeLonge, former Blink-182 member, is out here proving ‘Aliens Exist’

The New York Times published a report about the Pentagon’s secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, concerned with ‘space phenomena’, which the government claims was shuttered in 2012.

While a lot of people were slightly unsettled by the news of the “shadowy” division of our nation’s Defense Department, none of this was noteworthy to former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge.

Does it feel like we’re just playing Mad Libs with the news at this point? Yes. Is Tom DeLonge the founder of one of the planet’s leading space investigation units? Also yes.

Realistically, DeLonge told us all about this on the track “Alien’s Exist” off Blink’s 1999 album Enema of the State, shame on us for not listening.

DeLonge spoke to the Daily News about his company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which actually appears to be completely legit.

The most nasally voice in pop-punk has hired former officials from the CIA, NSA, Department of Defense, and various space programs. He even hired Luis Elizondo, former head of the very Pentagon program that the Times reported on. Elizondo left the organization in October over frustration with the lack of initiative.

So Tom DeLonge is hiring space experts away from the Defense Department for his own research into extraterrestrial life. That’s what’s happening here.

DeLonge wants you to know that, although this is hilarious, it’s actually not hilarious and very serious,

“I know that it’s fun to make snarky comments, but this isn’t the kind of thing to joke about. This is going to really affect a lot of people and a lot of peoples’ belief systems.”

That’s probably true to a certain extent but at this point, I welcome any and all alien life forms to come post up on Earth, they will soon see that we aren’t very popping and probably dip back to their more advanced universe.

But DeLonge wants to reveal the truth to the people and earnestly investigate space phenomena free of government restriction.

DeLonge described his mission of space information populism to the Daily News,

“What we’re trying to do is make sure the story of the millennia and the technology of the millennia are owned by the people from day one. Part of our strategy has always been to throw it all out in the open so people can’t come and try to shut it down from some weird office at NATO or the United Nations or the United States or whatever.”

Tom DeLonge is informing the people about alien life before any government. This isn’t even like the 450th wildest story of the year.

So what are DeLonge and his team working on? Just a casual teleportation/time machine thing. To The Stars Academy has brought in Dr. Hal Puthoff, a former government physicist, to develop what DeLonge called “engineering the space-time metric.”

DeLonge explained the invention further,

“It’s like a time machine. You get into this craft and you turn it on — boom! — you’re in China in one minute as a ball of light.”

Tom DeLonge is truly out here inventing time machines and educating the people on the realities of alien life.

And as he told the Daily News, there’s so much more to come,

“All the things (people have) heard about and seen are the first step of 20. There’s a lot more s–t coming.”

Alright then!