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Tom Brady continues GOAT status, gets Madden 18 cover

Even if the Madden curse was a real thing, there’s no way that shit would affect my man Tom Brady. The guy has a literally untouchable status in sports and off the field he ain’t doing too bad either.

As he winds down his career in the NFL, it’s only fitting that the man gets his first official Madden cover. The announcement and first trailer of the game was released on Friday.

With Gronk getting last year’s cover for Madden 17, that makes two consecutive Patriots players covering Madden in two years.

Even if you hate New England, you can’t argue that there isn’t a better sports icon to get this year’s cover. You can’t be mad at their decisions but does it seem like the Pats are more like a corporation than a sports franchise?

While this is Brady’s first time on Madden, this isn’t his first video game cover. Who could forget NFL GameDay 2003?!

Other than that actual gameplay video looks too fire. The game will run on Battlefield’s Frostbite engine which will provide more photo-realistic graphics and a new physics engine that is sure to be stupid lit.

The FIFA franchise transitioned to this same engine for 17 and the results were pretty ridiculous. Considering that the GOAT is on this year’s cover of Madden, it’s safe to put the expectations of the game at an all-time high. The Falcons were deadass up 28-3.