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TmrO breeds new creative talent in a convenient way

Freelance is the resounding answer to low wages and dead-end jobs. Reason being, freelance opportunities allow creatives to conveniently tap into their passions and grow their skillsets. TmrO provides the platform to build one’s worth and move strategically within the industry they choose.

In the freelance industry, it can often be a free-for-all. Meaning, it can be difficult to gauge your worth based upon value, earnings, and time allotment.

TmrO app affords a myriad of convenient opportunities for creatives

Kayla Shelton and DJ Don Cannon have launched the TmrO App which provides odd jobs, side hustles and freelance gigs. 

don cannon tmrO
Co-founder of tmrO app Don Cannon (via tmrO)

“TmrO is designed to accommodate creatives in music,video,film, and other content creation, and the new entrepreneurs, and businesses of any size, looking to connect with creatives. TmrO users have various skill levels and backgrounds to fit a wide range of projects.”

Team TmrO
tmro app
TmrO app logo (via

Kayla Shelton is the CEO of the TmrO app and Flux Media. She has secured a contract with Warner Brothers, created her own boot – the LEGLOVE and shares a by-any-means type attitude. 

“Getting you booked today and getting you paid as soon as tomorrow is the theme. We pay our creative freelancers within 48 hours of completing a project, we make sure that the money is guaranteed to them before the project is scheduled. We are trying to help ensure that creatives grow their career as they try to build sustainably for themselves.”

Kayla Shelton

Don Cannon is a legendary Philadelphia producer and is known for producing tracks for the likes of Lil Wayne, Pharrell and Jay-Z – just to name a few.

His groundbreaking efforts within the mixtape era (early 2000’s) made it possible for artists like Chance the Rapper to win a Grammy off of a mixtape.

“Howdy doo – it’s Weezy baby if they slippin then I got to tote THE CANNON”

Lil Wayne – Dedication 2

TmrO is for creatives and by creatives

The app serves as a digital marketplace that connects the world’s most creative freelancers within the music, film, and content creation industries. 

“TmrO was built to revolutionize freelancing, an industry often unreliable, unpredictable and prone to leaving hardworking professionals unpaid for the work they’re doing.”

tmro app
Kayla Shelton and Don Cannon provide a valuable service for creative go-getters (via TmrO)

The mobile native solution focuses on ease of access, speed and location-based booking. The idea for this app sprouted from the fact that a close colleague of the company began to DoorDash for some extra scratch on the side.

Creative convenience is king

While she was serving grub, a lightbulb went off for these entrepreneurs. Why couldn’t there be an immediate and convenient order service for creative content? Thus, the TmrO app was born. 

“The pandemic has changed the model of a traditional work force, so people are finding employment in creative and resourceful ways. TmrO is filling that need with its discovery process and faster payments. It’s free to join and you get paid in 48hrs. Also, The upcoming ‘Instant Book’ feature will soon allow job seekers to find work at the last minute.”

TmrO Team

Not only can you download TmrO on the Apple App Store but you can own a share of the company via StartEngine

“We are allowing the creative group of people that we made this app for be apart of the group of people able to invest. We feel it adds another layer, so not only can you use the app to find opportunities, get paid quicker, sustain your career as a creative but you can also benefit on the other side as the app continues to grow”

Kayla Shelton

A wide range of possibilities exist on the TmrO platform

The TmrO app represents people who are willing to share their insights, generate fresh ideas and solve problems with solution-minded approaches. Thus far, the most frequent submissions on the app have been within the style realm.

creative convenience
Kayla Shelton (via TmrO)

“Right now there is a large demand for styling, whether it be hair, wardrobe or creative direction and/or graphic design for merchandise. I’ve even seen a DJ in there – I put myself in there as a commercial voiceover – I’ve done commercial cartoon voices. It’s a nice balance of creatives in there that we’re seeing.”

Don Cannon

These entrepreneurs have a strong foothold in Atlanta, GA. They have observed the way that Tyler Perry has sought to affect change in the community and move with the same vigor. (Tyler Perry acquired Fort McPherson army base, 330 acres, and transformed it into an entertainment multiplex.)

“What Tyler Perry is doing with his studios is allowing so many creatives and innovators to come together in a collaborative way. TmrO supports this effort in regards to the freelance movement we’re experiencing.  It’s giving a resource to so many freelancers and connecting them with paid projects, new clients and other creatives that can benefit from these sought-after skills and talents.”

TmrO Team

Above all else, they are creating an extremely convenient service for young creatives. As a true beacon of light, the TmrO app and its founders will certainly guide you toward your dream. 

“College students and fresh grads may not know exactly where their passions lie, but TmrO allows them to showcase their skills and book the types of projects that most appeal to them, which would allow them to build up their experience, as well as discover where their talents lies.”

TmrO Team

There are certain intangibles that define success. Just from a brief interview, it became evident that the TmrO team shares these characteristics such as vivaciousness, intellectual value and experience that allows them to adapt and overcome.

Expect these multimedia moguls to continue to make serious splashes within the freelance game.