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Tim Hann Rivera explains how he made the viral wrestling video ‘Subway Mania’

If you didn’t peep comedian Tim Hann Rivera‘s latest viral video, you’re missing out.

The Harlem-native made noise last summer when he held an impromptu Royal Rumble on the train last summer, and now he’s topped himself (pause) with an even crazier match. One that could go down as better than anything that’s ever happened at SummerSlam.

Who isn’t trying to watch a triple threat match featuring Triple H, Kane, and Stone Cold Steve Austin?! This shit is extra lit and even escalates outside of the train station and on to the Union Square plaza. Truly a five-star match.

We had the chance to catch up with Tim and ask him a few questions about how this all went down and exactly how much preparation it took to pull off an insane skit like this.

It took me a while to plan and write the script; I’d say a few months. Once I got the idea down, the bros and I rehearsed a month prior to the actual match just because this video had a lot of spots and cues we could not miss. It’s funny because we are not even wrestlers nor do we want to be wrestlers.”

To be honest, these kids looked like professionals out there and were perfectly executing some of the most classic finishers in sports entertainment history. That Pedigree from Triple H (portrayed by Tim) was just like the real thing!

Of course, this was just the follow up to his last banger which dropped last summer. After the success of the last skit, he knew it was time to follow up with even more heat.

“The Subway Royal Rumble was amazing and everyone loved it but of course with Subway Mania I knew I had to top it. There was just so many highlights that were jaw dropping, funny and everyone instantly wanted more Subway wrestling. I knew I had to produce and direct the next video, Subway Mania, with more creativity, mind blowing moments and most importantly make sure the whole video was comedy! Thankfully I can say Subway Mania topped our last wrestling video and by looking at the comment section all over social media I can say the fans agree as well. I’m so grateful and proud of the outcome of this video from my team and I.”

The video has definitely been getting traction and even Peter Rosenberg himself had the entire cast of the skit pull up to Hot 97 during SummerSlam weekend.

Of course, just like after the success of his last video, Tim isn’t going to just rest on his accomplishments. Trust that he will be releasing more heat from his YouTube channel and follow his Instagram to keep up with all of the content.

Trust that with Wrestlemania taking place in NY/NJ next year, we can expect Tim to go even harder when it comes to putting out more wrestling videos. If you’re already trying to peep another subway match, just know that it’s all in the works. Tim told us,

“There is definitely going to be more Subway wrestling skits! It’s one of my signature videos so far and everyone loves it. I’m getting so much support from my fans; I’m really grateful for them and most importantly my team. I’m so excited to plan and write out these future subway wrestling skits my ideas are getting better and better! With WrestleMania being in NY/NJ early next year, we will most definitely plan something for the event! I can’t wait to showcase myself and my teams talents and creativity to the world! It’s going to be super lit!!”

Bless up!