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Tidal artists give advice to the next generation of creatives

What gives an artist the right to chase their dreams? Maybe it’s pressure from the environment they live in, an unwavering dedication to the craft, or maybe a deep down desire to prove everyone wrong.

Either way, if you believe in yourself and spread positive vibes all things will come to fruition. Don’t doubt yourself, fool. You can make it to the top of the pyramid too as long as you heed to the advice of those who have come before you and are already in the limelight.

This is why Kulture Hub pulled up to the Made in America festival this year and asked artists at the TIDAL stage advice for YOU, the next generation of creatives. We want you to keep flexing and doing whatever it is you love to do.

Do you like to rap? Then keep going. What about taking pictures? You know the answer… believe in yourself and keep pushing. Whatever you want is obtainable and only you can unlock your true potential, homie.

Do you think Lil’ B would be where he is today if he gave up on his dream because of someone’s, lame ass, opinion? Hell no. Look at how far the rapper Trouble has come, my guy has been rapping since the age of 14. At 30, that’s 16 years of believing in a dream that can change within a coin toss.

Let’s not even get started on how difficult it is to gain respect within the music industry as a female rapper (we need to fix this problem BTW). Still, Saweetie didn’t let anyone blur her creative vision. She took NO SHORTCUTS!

Shit, even when everyone told Jay Park to chill with rapping because he’s Asian, the young OG kept it movin’ and is now one of the most poppin’ Asian rappers to ever sign with Roc Nation.

Listen, there’s no reason to stop hustling within your craft. Continue to push forward and everything will fall into place. If you don’t believe me at least trust those who you idolize.

Stay positive, one love!