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Three things we learned Kobe Bryant, the businessman, hates

It was the end of an era that will be a remembered forever when Kobe “Bean” Bryant retired. The five-time NBA Champion was the face of the league for a solid decade.

So naturally when he retired, he needed a place for his competitive edge.

Thus business savvy mamba was born.

In his new career as a businessman, investor, and entrepreneur, BodyArmor was one of his first projects. While promoting the replenishing supplement Thursday, he sat down with CNBC and ended up discussing a little bit of everything.

As always, Kobe voiced some strong opinions and wasn’t afraid to let heat some go. Fortunately for us, we learned some things that Kobe absolutely hates.

Threats To Free Speech

Being that the sports world has been deep in the muddy political waters more so than it has in a while, Kobe was bound for to have an opinion.

Trump, who demanded NFL players “respect” the flag by standing during the national anthem while calling for fans to boycott the league until teams do something, has also come at the NBA’s biggest stars.

Kobe didn’t shy at a chance to share his piece.

“I think there’s a time where you stand up and you make your point, and then after that you go about the business of not having it deter from playing the games,” Bryant told CNBC this week. “You still have to play a game, right?”

He went on to say that “it’s important to make a statement” and that it can continue in many different ways. “It’s important to respect the value our country and great nation have been built on, which is freedom of speech.”

Corruption in College Basketball

Being that he was a pro-baller and is now a businessman, the NCAA was a subject Kobe had multiple insights about.

When talking to CNBC he spoke on the government’s investigation and arrests related to bribery in NCAA basketball programs.

“Whether it’s a few bad guys or more, it’s not OK, either way you look at it,” Bryant said.

“I think we have to do a better job in figuring out how we protect youth sports across the board. Because that also feeds into their development, not as athletes but also as people.”

Poor Money Management

Another gem Bryant happened to drop was on managing money.

He opened up about one of his biggest regrets when it comes to money and gave tips for rising stars who are coming into their first big paychecks.

“You don’t give handouts to the people you’re close with,” Bryant said.

He instead advised people who want to help friends and family to use their own money to put people, “In a position to learn and better themselves.”

Personally, I love to hear Kobe’s insight on… everything. Hopefully, he will be in a space where we can tune in to his commentary on a regular basis.