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‘Thong Jeans’ make debut at Tokyo fashion week and they already need to go

The world has been pretty wonky as of late.

I’m pretty dense when it comes to fashion, but even I can see that this new trend isn’t cutting it.

The “Thong Jeans” trend, which made its debut at Tokyo fashion week, is here thanks to designer Meiko Ban, and the internet isn’t happy about it.

A fashion model hit the runway wearing jeans that were completely torn, leaving just a seam string draped over her legs and booty.

The trend was dubbed as the “most impractical and ugliest thing” one user has ever seen.

Twitter has been going in

Some were a bit more dramatic

Some were ambiguously sarcastic

Some pointed out important related issues

Others were pretty straightforward

And some were… supportive?

Practical for giving grandmas heart attacks everywhere, these ultra-ripped jeans leave little to the imagination, but a lot of wonder, as in, “Who in their right mind would ever spend money on this?”

Some view the trend as necessary for the progression of fashion. Metro discusses how the trend was, above all else, expected.

“There have been jeans with double waistbands. Butt-less jeans. Bum crack displaying jeans. Jeans that zip from crotch to back. Jeans with a window for your butt. Detachable jeans that transform into short-shorts at a moment’s notice.”

Denim has been a naturally popular fabric on the runway, so it’s no wonder that experimentations can get a little bit… Carried away.

“So if you’re shocked and appalled that someone has now created thong jeans – meaning jeans with the entire back exposed save for a little string of denim between the bumcheeks, a waistband, ankle straps, and two pieces of denim on each leg attaching it all together – you really shouldn’t be.

What do you think? Fashion faux pas or upcoming fashion fad?