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This UK comedian has created the internet’s best meme right now

Last week UK comedian Michael Dapaah hit up Charlie Sloth’s BBC Radio Show Fire in the Booth to drop some bars as his alias MC Quakez.

The show is pretty big over in the UK and has been a legitimate platform for many grime artist like Giggs and Stormy but MC Quakez pulled up to the booth and created a hit that has the internet going crazy.

The entire 22-minute video is pure jokes with Michael Dapaah, aka MC Shakez, flubbing over not catching the beat on time and making fun of the radio station’s name.

Obviously this was easy for the internet to latch on to because it’s just hilarious but the main meme from the video is becoming the “the ting goes skrrraaaa” part where Shakez goes on with a bunch of goofy ass gun ad-libs.

One of my favorite moments that’s getting kind of slept on was the “Girl told me take off the jacket, I said babes mans not hot” part which was just so aggressive and dumb at the same time.

His freestyle is everyone’s favorite quotable right now and as always Twitter is here to give us every meme possible.

Like this hilarious John Wick dub over:

Or the Saving Private Ryan one:

There’s just more and more:

The internet is literally undefeated with this:

When are y’all gonna stop?

It looks like comedian Michael Dapaah has noticed just how viral his freestyle has gone and is now planning to drop some ‘Mans not Hot’ merch along with others, presumably the other meme-able moments from the clip.

Memes definitely sell these days so I say good on him for finding a way to profit off his hilarious moment on the radio.

The merch is set to be released later on tonight on Dapaah’s website, watch the full Fire in the Booth session below and find your own favorite quotable.