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This simulation game has women in China falling in love with the same guy

Love is in the air all over China this month. Gamers throughout the country are falling head over heels for the same guy, 28-year-old Li Zeyan, star of the simulation game Love and Producer.

With over 10 million downloads, this game is selling, and selling fast.

Last month alone, the simulation raked in a whopping $39 million. In December, the game had over 2 million users, the majority of them being women.

China’s “she economy” has been blowing up since the game’s download, writes The Japan Times.

“The frenzy over the games has focused attention on China’s ‘she economy’ — the expanding consumer power of its hundreds of millions of smartphone-wielding women — just as game developers face slowing growth in the gigantic market for battle-and-strategy games aimed largely at Chinese men.”

The game’s premise follows your character on a mission to saving your “late father’s production company,” from a period of financial stress by starting a gaming show.

Love and Producer allows the players the option of choosing one of four contestants to be part of your ever growing love story.

“There’s Li Zeyan (the high-powered CEO with a heart of gold), Bai Qi, (the rugged police officer), Xu Mo (the sensitive genius scientist), and Zhou Qiluo (the fun-loving pop star). They can also stop time and fly on the wind. So there’s that.”

The way you win? Live out your fantasy of finding and falling in love with your prince.


The game is bringing to light the economy of active women gamers in the community. Data is consistently showing us that women make up a larger portion of the gaming population than originally anticipated; 58% men with a close tally of 42% women.

The Pew Research Center survey also showed that women even own more consoles than men.

Real or not, you can catch Li on your mobile phone, or on the Shenzhen skyscraper for $39,000 dollars. But don’t make your choice just yet, you still have three other hunks to choose from.