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This Louis Vuitton toilet could be the flyest way to spend all your bread

Illma Gore,  the same artist who painted a portrait of Trump boasting a micropenis, now brings us a golden toilet with a $15,000 Louis Vuitton touch.

According to Vogue, Gore worked on the LV poop throne for three months and used 24 different bags.

Within the $15k worth of LV bags used, one bag was worth $3000. It was actually a suitcase. Does it add up for you? For me, 24 LV bags does not equal one fly Louis V golden toilet.

But Gore made it happen. The Vogue report described how she managed to get her hands on all that expensive Louis luggage. She copped each piece from Tradesy, a designer resale site.

That’s a lot of online thrifting. But it was worth it. The “ready-made” toilet is currently on display at the Tradesy showroom in Santa Monica, California and is on sale for $100,000.

Would you cop the LV golden toilet if you had the bread? Duh. It has to be fly sitting on $15,000 worth of leather. The experience must be some top-notch comfort.

Of course, you couldn’t stop there. Maybe throw in a custom Supreme LV flusher or a matching golden Louis Vuitton bidet. Imagine the LV bathtub with the golden jets.

Let’s get stupid cozy. We shall wipe only with the most extravagant toilet paper one could ever cop. The Gucci print toilet paper.

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Has pooping ever been so fly? I think not. Unless you are currently sitting atop of Duchamp’s Fountain. 

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Save you some money and cop yourself something fly to take a poop on. You ain’t a boss until you do.

Check out what else Illma Gore has on display at the Tradsey Showroom. Click here you might find something fly.