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This is what happens when you don’t give a crazy dude a Metrocard swipe

You ever been high as shit walking into the train station and some brazy looking dude asks you for a Metrocard swipe?

First of all, hell nah. Secondly, FOH!

Most New Yorkers don’t pay these people any mind, let alone make any eye contact, but what happens when that person you deny a swipe is actually a psychopath?

Tim Hann Rivera, the same guy that brought you the wildest wrestling video of the summer, is back with a cautionary tale about what happens when you’re at the wrong train station at the wrong time.

Straight out of a horror movie, the random dude finds his way on to the platform and just when you thought he would be Gucci after making it on the train already, of course he starts asking for some bread.

What ensues is every New Yorker’s worst nightmare, when a wild homeless dude just won’t leave you alone. But it gets even worst.

What would you do if this dude was chasing you from car to car? Following you off your stop into you own apartment building?!

Sure, you could give him the hands real quick, but no one’s tryna even make physical contact with a cracky looking dude. Sorry if that’s insensitive but it’s just straight facts.

The rest of the video gets crazy and this is truly anyone who’s way too smacked to be on the subway’s ultimate worst case scenario that they think to themselves in their head as they’re baked out of their mind under the 6 train’s terrible lighting.

The part where he fucked up the most is when he stopped to tell the dude sorry. You just gotta keep it moving and be on your way.

If you’re not from New York, watch this video and just know that this is exactly what not to do.