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This is how you body your first impression, according to science

It’s bright, early, and your shot AF but it’s your lucky day.

A high-level executive just walked into the elevator and you’ve been working on something great for the past couple of months.

All you have are 30 heartwrenching seconds to pitch your life’s work. What impression will you leave on the man or woman that can possibly change your life? According to science, the first impression may all depend on the pitch of your voice.

A recent study from researchers at the French National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris has revealed the way that we say “hello” can uncover some truths about who we really are.

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But how Sway? French researchers developed a computer program called CLEESE which generated thousands of different ways people say “bonjour.”

After testing 44 male and female participants, who were told to listen to 100 different versions of the word, the analysis showed that depending on the high or low pitch of your salutation people can determine if you appear more dominant or trustworthy.

A low pitched “hello” showed that you as a person appeared more dominant when it came to first impressions. Taking “howdy” an octave higher revealed that you were seen as more trustworthy.

Low key, this info can be applied to any entrepreneurial career.

After all, all you do have to garner a relationship with a possible client is your voice. Peep Jordan Belfort schooling DJ Envy on the Breakfast Club about the sales pitch he used when he was a young telemarketer.

What’s even better the tone of your “hello” sees no gender. According to the study, researchers concluded that those tested were able to pick up on social traits regardless of someone’s physical traits.

The researchers added,

“The linguistic and social judgments we make when hearing speech are based on intonation… Just as we have a mental image of what an apple looks like — round, green or red, with a stem, etc. — we form mental representations of others’ personalities according to the acoustic qualities of their voices.”

This is a great tool to use for those looking to get into the sales industry. In fact, the CLEESE software has been made available to those who are on a quest for finding a better way to communicate.

Practice and step into your next elevator pitch with confidence. You can perfect your tone of voice by using the free CLEESE software here.


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