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These NFT tokens are empowering Black creatives

The NFT bubble may have burst. This was expected to happen sooner or later given the sheer magnitude of cash influx that the market has seen within the past half-year. But there are NFT tokens that are still making positive impacts, such as in Black empowerment.

An expeditious increase always meets relative decrease which leads to overall market stabilization. In short, nonfungible tokens are exactly where they ought to be! NFTs exist as speculative assets which makes them tricky trinkets.

But make no bones about it! The NFT market is still flourishing and beginning to reach all different ends of the compass. 

black nft tokens
G.L.I.T.S. = Gays and Lesbians Living in Transgender Society (via TU Twitter)

Towards Utopia is alive and thriving

Recently, 17-year-old Diana Sinclair set out to establish an unforgivably Afrofuturistic movement. The vessel by which she chose to empower? NFT! Her digital diaspora represented liberation through imagination and celebrated Juneteenth at the Superchief Gallery with a riveting display recently. 

The most noble aspect of Sinclair’s work is the opportunities afforded for the less fortunate.

Since there is a lack of equity within the NFT space, this young woman has made it imperative to create a diverse communal space that stands up for all walks of life. It is called Towards Utopia and it sheds light upon issues that plague the Black NFT community. 

Community pillars of Towards Utopia and Black NFT tokens

  • Preserve and incubate the stories of marginalized crypto creators 
  • Amplify and empower underrepresented voices
  • Free housing assistance
  • Harm reduction programs 
  • Education + healthcare
black nft tokens
Melanin is a superpower (via Dada Boipelo)

All in all, this organization embodies blackness and creates a platform that aims to transcend all social constructs in the NFT bubble.

Another quality organization within the Black NFT bubble is the ONE/OFF gallery. These progressive creatives provide addition via commission. Through distinct expression, their goal is to preserve legacies for generations. How might they go about doing that? 

Well, there are various means but here inlies a few:

  • Trend insight
  • Value capturing 
  • Rare resonation (obscure individuals)
  • Reassurance of space 
one off
Not just a one off (via

Certainly, an uplifting force – the ONE/OFF gallery exists fully within the throws of this digital renaissance. There is no doubt that we are currently swirling within the most pivotal period of autonomy.

The culmination of afrofuturistic ideals opens a portal that connects the past, present and future in a cyclical hyperloop. 

Reputation and brand karma serve as practical business drivers – for Black NFT tokens it is no different

An order of operations is crucial when it comes to business functions and proper influence. These Black NFT tokens increase their presence by remaining organic, authentic, and different. Not everyone can blossom within this nearly simulated space, but those who understand movement and execute ideas will always prosper.

“Nothing can be more diabolical than a deliberate attempt to destroy in any man his will to be a man and to withhold from him something that constitutes his true reserve.”

Martin Luther King Jr. (Ethical Demands)

Indeed, there is nothing more insidious than a downright attempt to strip an individual entirely. The thing about it is that someone could lose all possessions and be left completely bare. In the end, they would still reserve the right to intellectual property. Move accordingly.