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There’s never enough time! Why doing what you want starts with your mindset

Why does is it seem like the things we want — the things we deeply desire to accomplish — always seem beyond the reach of our daily routine?

More often than not, I hear the same old song of individuals trading what they “want” to do with what they “have” to do. Whether it’s personal, professional, or physical, it appears that a good majority of us can’t seem to find the time to pursue what we’re drawn towards.

If it’s not going back to school, it’s getting in shape. If it’s not going to the studio, it’s committing to tutoring. There is always something to improve upon, it’s just that for some of us there isn’t enough time to do it.

If that’s you, I’m here to say you’ve gotten it all wrong. You can always find time. What you want starts with what you want to do.

Act first, make room later

Planning is good. It takes organization to maximize efficiency, despite how appealing spontaneity may appear. With that being said, if we get too stuck on waiting for the most opportune moment, we’ll end up just like that: stuck.

There really isn’t a more opportune moment to start. Sometimes the best thing we can do, is do.

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When it comes to the things we know will make us happy, we should act first and figure it out later. You’ll be amazed at how well you’ll adapt and adjust on the fly once you’re finally doing that thing you swear you didn’t have time for.

The sense of accomplishment you’ll gain will motivate you to move everything else aside and you’ll end up realizing that you had time all along.

Be wise with your time

I get it: there are nonnegotiable obligations we must fulfill everyday that aren’t exactly in line with our aspirations.

Especially if you’re a creative or an artist, there are going to be jobs you have to pick up that have nothing to do with your field of study or expertise. These jobs keep the lights on and are in our best interest to keep.

It is for this very reason that we must be wise with time.

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Time is not as elusive as we make it out to be. You’re not able to fit in gym time or that weekly call to your folks, not because of your day job, but due to how you spend your time away from it.

When we’re intentional with the 24 hours we’re allotted everyday we’ll find that we have more than enough time to do whatever it is that we truly want to do.

Whether it’s waking up earlier, not finishing that show you’ve been binge watching, or cutting out dating, there are minutes and seconds everywhere to spare. It just depends on how bad we really want it.

Prove that you want it

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how badly you want what you say you want. You may not realize it, but everyday we chose our destiny — we make time for the things we choose to make time for.

I’ve seen middle school kids scrap together change for the hottest toy on the market, athletes in underdeveloped countries practice sports with the few resources they can get their hands on, and students who’ve commuted miles for an education.

If you find yourself complaining about what you haven’t done, chances are you really don’t want to do it. Sometimes we have to look ourselves in the mirror and call ourselves out. We have to prove to ourselves that we really want what we claim we want.

We have all the time in the world. Your dreams, aspirations, and future lies on the other side of the initiative and action you take towards making them happen.

It all starts with what you do.