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There’s a girl on Instagram who looks like exactly like a young Beyonce

Beyonce has a look alike and people are seriously confusing the two.

Brittany Williams (@sur__b), a Detroit native, has been stopped, stalked, and chased by fans for looking like Beyonce for a minute now.

Their similarities extend beyond looks. Though she is a party planner, Williams shares “southern roots” with the singer, and considers herself and Beyonce, “Both strong dominant women, fearless, and God fearing.”

From the Daily Mail,

We’re simply blessed to have a woman with such grace, humility, loyalty, talent and worth ethic to exist in our time. She’s the example of what men should seek, and girls should become.

It isn’t all good though. Williams is living her life constantly being chased around by people thinking she’s Beyonce.

I get approached all the time; whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events. I’ve also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent and pranks done without me knowing.

A group of women once chased me and my friend to our car and began singing “Single Ladies”, beating my friend’s car with the heels of their shoes until we rolled down the window and took a picture with them. Most people are generally friendly though and just want a picture, they often say I look like a younger version of Beyoncé.

So many after her, Ain’t no upgrade after her.. -B

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Love can bring out another side of beauty… ~BB 💙

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Baptize your lips in all this good -B

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Williams hasn’t been completely cool with the amount of attention she’s gotten as Beyonce’s doppelgänger.

It used to bother me a lot but not so much now. I struggle with people only calling me beautiful because of who I look like rather than thinking I’m beautiful because I’m me. I’ve learnt to accept their opinions and be confident in my own skin. Nothing prompted me to have this look. I was born exactly how you see me – except for the blonde hair.

Damn! I mean, I can see the resemblance myself, but I can also see that Williams is clearly not Beyonce.

What do you think? Does she looks like Queen Bey, or is everyone really hyping this up?