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The year 2020 has radicalized many people in the US. Here’s why.

The year 2020 is sorely lacking in its 20/20 vision. With disasters around the world, racial justice and police brutality protests, all topped off with a coronavirus pandemic, the year seems to just keep getting worse for some people.

In the US, the year is especially critical due to escalating protests, political tensions, and of course the upcoming election in November. Many people are now realizing the importance of being socially conscious, and for some, it’s even awakened a passionate social and political streak in them.

In one case, a recent Twitter thread from the user @historyofarmani has garnered over 10,000 retweets and an immense amount of replies. While some answers are prompt and concise, others tell emotional stories of heartbreak.

All of this to answer one question:

Many of these tweets allude to racial injustice and police brutality in the US…

Others point out the flaws in health insurance and the healthcare system…

Some comment on workplace environments and the economy…

And a few showcase their political opinions…

No matter what you’re political stance is – left or right, radical or otherwise, the multitude of replies points out many social and political issues in this country. While the US has its massive benefits, it is not a perfect nation. Nowhere in the world is.

While some people may believe it is an act of hatred to criticize one’s home country, it is arguably the complete opposite. There is a key difference between spewing pure hatred and providing constructive criticism on your own country.

Taking the time to critique the shortcomings of a nation isn’t necessarily a sign of hate. On the contrary, it’s arguably a sign that you truly love your country, because you know it can do better.

2020 may not have the 20/20 vision people were hoping for, but tearing each other apart over social and political opinions isn’t going to help. If anything, people now more than ever need to come together, learn to listen, and above all, compromise.