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The THC tampon exists, and it’s arguably the best use of cannabis yet

So, all the cool technology I hoped for growing up may not have not been perfected just yet, (I believe the lack of flying hover-boards is a serious epidemic that should be addressed- it’s 2017, for crying out loud) but we’ve got something else on the line: THC Tampons.

The idea for the tampons started when the weed-based lube company Foria caught the attention of Dr. Jennifer Berman. Dr. Berman, a well-known Beverly Hills Urologist, then got in touch with Foria founder Matt Gerson to work on creating a product that would help relieve women of menstrual symptoms, after an older patient of hers confided that she was using Foria to help heighten her sex life.

The resulting product was a dissolving, all natural, 3-ingredient suppository (cocoa butter, 10 mg THC, CBD) and so far, testimonies have been wonderful.

First hand accounts from publications Bustle, Harpers Bazaar, and The Huffington Post have only had good things to say about ingesting the THC. From Harper Bazaar,

“Unlike a tampon, the capsule dissolves in your cervix so you don’t have to worry about it after inserting, and the effects of the suppository lasted long enough that I was able to fall asleep without pain and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.”

Don’t stop at THC tampons- check out the increasingly growing line of THC products available out there.

Cannabis has proven to tackle and alleviate more than one affected area in your body.

Herb shares one study by Joy J. Mack to discuss the positive affects marijuana can have on the mind.

“2000 study by Joy J. Mack discusses the benefits of using weed to alleviate muscle spasticity. Her focus is specifically on those with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, but similar muscle spasticity is a symptom present in many individuals dealing with menstruation.”

Mack’s research showed that spasms were greatly reduced when exposed to cannabis products, and even reduced spasms in hand movements.

“Small doses of cannabis were shown to increase animation among rodents who were feeling pain (though larger doses seemed to give them couch-lock). In an experiment on a 30-year-old with MS, a simple 5 mg dose of THC steadied his handwriting significantly.”

Seriously, guys, peep those handwriting samples.

Ladies, what do you think about this all-natural option? Are you willing to stick a gooey suppository in you and sit with your legs up for 10 minutes while it’s absorbed into your vaginal walls? Or do hover-boards make more sense?