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The Saucey Tectonic9 grinder is perfect for cannabis consumers

As weed smokers we value creativity. Distinctness. Clarity.

But we also appreciate products that work without fail, which bring us consistency in our often otherwise frantically inordinate lives.

Cloudious9, Inc. and Saucey Farms & Extracts have collaborated to give us cannabis heads all of this and more, with the Saucey Tectonic9 grinder.

Saucey Tectonic9

The Tectonic9 Saucey special edition grinder combines the effects of a reliable traditional hardware grinder with the innovation of the future. The automatic dispensing feature allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the cannabis consumer.

Saucey is a leader in premium artisanal cannabis products. Alex Todd, CEO of Saucey Extracts and Farms, had this to say about the new product:

“Saucey is focused on developing quality cannabis products for consumers across the world… We’re excited to be working alongside Cloudious9 to manufacture this customized Saucey grinder for the masses.”


Cloudious9 is a cannabis hardware company based out of the Bay Area. The Tectonic9 is already one of Cloudious’ best selling products, but the collaboration with Saucey adds an extra flare.

“This partnership is a great example of mutual respect between cultural icons and technical innovators, between traditions and innovations,” said Richard Huang, CEO of Cloudious9.

The Tectonic9 was always designed as a user-friendly grinder. The product features a viewing window with LED lights, allowing the user to see how much material is in the grinder.


The Tectonic9 also features a textures grip that allows the razor-sharp diamond-shaped grinding teeth to produce consistent, fluffy, perfect grinds every time.

With an urban innovation, combined with the country relaxation of both brands, the Saucey Tectonic9 grinder was birthed from a cannabis lover’s dream. Hardware that makes the smoking process smoother, easier, more relaxing, is what it’s all about.

This product is unique, stable, and consistent. Saucey and Cloudious9 are two pioneers of the industry.