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The Rock and Siri just teamed up for the most insane movie ad ever

There’s only one thing that The Rock makes more than anyone else: moves.

Whether it’s season three of HBO’s #1 rated half hour show Ballers (which is filled with life lessons), or inspiring the millions (and millions) of people who follow him on Instagram, you can always expect only next level shit from DJ.

His latest project doesn’t disappoint either as he started teasing this straight to YouTube movie with none other than… Siri?

Only the People’s Champ can team up with a company like Apple to create what is quite literally one of the wildest ads we’ve ever seen for anything.

The three-minute and 45 second short film is action packed from beginning to end showing us what life is really like for the busiest man in the world.

You get to see Dwayne in his element, literally being in multiple places at all times, showing off his random ass talents, and never being late to shit.

I don’t even wanna know how much bread went into making this thing, but you already know this is gonna convert the iPhone sales! It just dropped this morning. Peep it below!

If there’s one thing we know about The Rock, it’s that everything he does has a purpose.

And if you watched that episode of Ballers last night, then you saw three product placements for Under Armour in the first five minutes. Sheesh!

The business of being Dwayne Johnson is a lit one. Who else is on the same level as Apple and can make their shit even more poppin’? You already know it’s Dwayne.