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The NFL is finally using the ‘Madden cam’ for games and it’s stupid lit

The Pittsburgh Steelers smacked the shit out of the Tennessee Titans last night on Thursday Night football but the real story was the new camera angle NBC was using for the broadcast.

Finally, after years of using the skycam for only the flyest plays, they broadcasted an entire game from the offense’s perspective. Shit was lookin’ like Madden!

When you really think about it, it makes no sense that they haven’t been broadcasting games like this already. The technology was adopted ever since the XFL introduced it back in 2001. 16 years later, the producers are now just starting to get it.

For all NFL fans, and Madden players especially, this is probably one of the greatest things to happen in football all season. How else are you supposed to capture the video game generation than with some video game camera angles?

The people have tweeted and they agree.

The most interesting aspect is actually seeing the running back’s vision and the passing lanes quarterbacks throw into.

You can also truly realize the speed of these athletes once the ball is thrown and the safety comes flying to either pick it off or knock off the receiver’s head. And when you have a superstar pass catcher like Antonio Brown, you can really see how nice he is.

AB went off with 10 catches, 144 yards receiving, and three touchdowns. If you played against him in fantasy, you sick.

Overall, this new Madden cam, skycam, or whatever the fuck you want to call it is stupid lit. Of course some people had to bitch about it because that’s what people on the internet do.

Okay dudes, relax. Let’s see you go out there and pick the right holes to run through while 300-pound linemen try to kill you. SMH.

The overall consensus however is that we need this used more and it’s only a matter of time before every station is using it. Fuck it throw college football in there too!

Imagine Chris Hanson playcalling this on NFL Redzone though? I would yack it.