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The new Supreme store just opened in Brooklyn and it’s so hard to cop

“You got a number?”

I think this was the only question coming from everyone’s mouth on Thursday when Supreme opened its doors to a new home in Brooklyn.

Located at 152 Grand Street, it’s a little odd as to why Supreme chose that area to begin with. Before Supreme made the official announcement, there were rumors already circulating through all media platforms that the opening would be happening soon.

Finally, when the news did break out, people were left wondering exactly what procedure they would follow.

Now, for those who don’t know about Supreme’s system, it’s really no secret. However, if you don’t know it by now, I don’t know what to tell you. Not that I want to be a dick about it but if you really want something bad, you find the means of getting it and do some research. In my case, I buy Supreme for myself and I can tell you for a fact, it’s gotten a whole lot harder to cop.

Anyways, the system now is that you have to go to a certain website every Monday and try to make a “reservation”. This reservation is for a spot on line at the actual store.

However, it is not a sure thing and it does not guarantee that you will get the item(s) you want. Then, the day before the drop, a text message is sent out with your spot in line and what time you should arrive at the store.

The same procedure was used for the grand opening. Long story short, I, like everyone else, tried my luck on making the reservation. Wednesday comes and this is what I receive:

I don’t want to say what number I got but let’s just say, it would’ve made anyone’s day. Opening day comes and outside the store is mayhem. Equal parts hypebeasts and resellers, asking the same question: “You got a number?”

Outside the store were a few dozen security guards, dressed in suits, listening to the instructions on how the queue was going to be formed. Beside them were a few police officers, waiting for things to get out of hand so they could shut the event down.

It took at least 3 different security guards to tell me where I was supposed to get my ticket. Each one had to radio someone to find out where the lineup was going to start. Finally, as I made my way to the right location, a few resellers came my way, one of which kept interrogating me asking if I was going to buy something.

“Yo, let me talk to you”, “What you getting?” and “You selling?” were the lines thrown my way. The resellers were fishing that day. And no one seemed to bite.

After verifying my ID and credit card, I waited with the others, who kept asking each other what they were purchasing. The obvious candidate was the opening box logo. A few minutes passed by and security led a few people to the front of store.

When we finally arrived there, one of the workers specifically pointed out a gentleman across the street from us and warned us that if we were caught selling to him, we would be banned from the store.

The reseller knew he was talking about him so he started laughing.

For the store opening, they had a few items from previous releases in stock. Tees from the first drop (except for the Nas tee) were on display along with hoodies, pants, hats, and accessories.

Even the Supreme/Andis clippers were up for grabs as well as the three-sneaker Andres Serrano x Supreme x Vans collection. That same day, a few new pieces also dropped. The highly anticipated Stone Island collab with Supreme was made available.

As the workers were busy getting everything sorted out for each customer, it was still chaos. Bins of clothing and accessories were brought out from the back for each customer.

However, the box logo was only available at the register so as not to confuse them with the other items. Security inside the store made sure no one used their phone to record or make calls. OG head Jeff Pang made sure everything ran smoothly and at a quick pace. Behind the register was the big skateboarding ramp.

The night before was the Friends and Family event and the likes of Eric Koston and Mark Gonzales were the highlight of the event when they were filmed skateboarding on the ramp.

I have never been to a Supreme store opening. The last store opening was the one in France and it was said to have been crazy and an all out frenzy.

Who knows when the next store opening will be and where but it will sure be one hell of a story to report.