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The myth of the ‘Glo Up’: The truth behind what it really takes to level up

Although never formally taught or introduced in an educational setting, I’ve never had to have the term ‘glo-up’ defined for me.

I can’t recall when it became popular but I distinctively remember a time when the word wasn’t used at all. In fact, now that I really try and recollect, catching your “big break” was probably the closest thing to “glo-up” prior to the term being coined.

Either way, “the glo,” your “big break” — or whatever kids are using to describe that ascent from where you’ve always been to where you’ve always wanted to go — seems to be the subject of attention for millennials, teenagers, and whoever else on social media needs something to brag about.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing and wanting more for yourself is phenomenal. In fact, it’s necessary for success — too many are incapable of believing they can achieve more.

It just doesn’t stop there.

The myth of the glo-up is that it’s something that one day just happens. As if one day, after so many hours logged in on earth, you suddenly evolve to that next level of success you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Newsflash: we aren’t Pokemon.

I blame social media. If you were to type “glo-up” in any of the many platforms, chances are you’re going to see before and after pics. Before and after the weight loss. Before and after the degree. Before and after the red carpet event, etc.

But in reality, if you want to reach the highest of peaks, it takes practicing a combination of different disciplines to gain habits necessary to actually do so.

Disciplines like going back to the drawing board, sacrifice, and consistency. With these principals, a glo-up is more than possible, it’s inevitable. You’re fooling yourself thinking you can level up otherwise.

Drawing Board

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The drawing board is a window into your soul. It’s an instrument that frames where you are in contrast to where you want to be. It’s a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses. And it doesn’t sugar coat.

It’s why those who refer to it do so regretfully and why those who don’t remain stuck.

Because when you are intentional about evaluating your progression there may be habits you pinpoint which could have been impeding your journey. Habits that, if remained caught up in the hustle, may have gone undetected.

Not all viruses have symptoms and not all issues let you know they’re there. A lot of the time, the reason why we don’t see ourselves going anywhere is due to our inability to “see” where we’re going wrong.

Which is why a regular trip to the drawing board is key to your glo-up. Doesn’t mean you have to erase every time you go back there. As long as you’re keeping up to date with the plan and making the changes that need to be made.


If anything, going back to the drawing board teaches us that to get somewhere you’ve never gone, you have to do something you’ve never done. This is the reason glo-ups take sacrifice.

Nothing in life is free, including the non-material. Be it the hours you put in, the lifestyle you give up, or the diet you adopt, there’s a price to pay if you ever want to see anything of significance happen in your life.

If the lack self-awareness doesn’t stop you from your big break your non-willingness to change will. There are athletes where the only thing standing between them and going pro is a sober lifestyle. There are artists who can be household brands if they put it in the time. All it takes is deciding to do so.

It comes down to how bad you want it. If want to glo-up like you say you do, you’d take the necessary steps, especially after seeing what those steps are.

There is always something you can do differently, and there is always something you can change today, to help you tomorrow. Your glo-up counts on it.


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Anyone you consider an idol, star, or great at their craft got there by deciding to never give up. It’s the secret ingredient that everyone already knows. Literally, being the last man standing is one of the most important factors to success, but it’s also how most people fall short.

The problem with consistency is that it’s boring. It takes patience in doing the same thing, over and over again and wears old on most people because it doesn’t have awards or accolades.

Consistency doesn’t feel like you’re doing much but in reality, you are. You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

The myth of the glo-up is that it’s something you wait for. The glo-up is happening and it’s every day. It’s what you do, what you don’t do, and how long you do it for.

There is no doubt in my mind if you are careful and intentional about assessing your progress, willing to sacrifice as the process sees fit, and consistent then you can get whatever it is in this world that you want.

Now that’s a glo.