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The Marathon Continues: Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will never be forgotten

“Having strong enemies is a blessing” was the last message Ermias Asghedom, aka Nipsey Hussle, shared with us moments before he was assassinated in front of his The Marathon Clothing Store on Crenshaw and Slauson.

Twelve days later on April 11, the world came together to celebrate the life and ascension of one of the most influential figures of his time, Neighborhood Nip. The service held at Staples Center, Nipsey’s procession went 25 miles through LA for his final Victory Lap ending at his store.

At the Nipsey Hussle Celebration of Life Memorial Service, Nip’s older brother Samiel Asghedom, aka Blacc Sam, shared a story about the time when Hussle Man built their very first computer. Blacc Sam could not believe what he saw.

When Nip recorded his first song on that same computer, Blacc Sam was even more captivated. That was the very first moment he knew his brother was special.

At a young age, Nip was able to inspire others through his hard work. At a young age, he saw a want that he and his brother longed for.

When he and Sam wanted a computer, Nip stuck to his vision of them having a computer until it came to fruition. Although the process of building the computer took several weeks.

Perhaps it was his first introduction to the “marathon” life. When Hussle decided to put his all into the music, we can see why his voice motivates so many listeners. His words were always backed by his actions.

“They said it take patience to get rich //

But I always knew one day I would do it big, then I did”

That little glimpse into the childhood Ermias and Samiel show the early stages of Nip’s genius. In Nipsey Hussle’s 33-years of life, he taught us what the power of having faith, loyalty, dedication, and patience can do for our lives.

A man of principles, Nip was willing to live and die by his code of ethics. Regardless if you thought they were right or wrong.

The transparency in Nip’s music is so complex yet, easily relatable to our lives. The combination of surviving as an active Crip and a legitimate businessman is a balancing act not too many can handle.

He always let us know this in his music. He laid out the blueprint on how to attain success with his own campaign The Marathon Continues.

Nipsey was after longevity, not for himself, but for his family and his community. Having a vision only he could see, Nip knew his purpose was bigger than the music.

The music was an outlet for Nip to let the world know that no matter where you come from, you can be GREAT. More specifically, Nip wanted to let the gang culture know that there’s a different route to make it out.

In his last Breakfast club interview, Nip elaborated more on his musical inspirations. “I wanted my message to impact gang culture. I wanted what I had to say to impact individuals like myself, young people that were in these areas controlled by gang banging,” he said.

“I didn’t want to preach to the choir, but I wanted to be able to say I came from this and it’s authentic and I’m not from the outside of this culture. Where ever I take it, I’m not different. I’m exactly the same. I’ve been through everything you’ve been through or you’re going to go through as somebody in that culture.”

Nipsey Hussle was the archangel that “The City of Angels” needed. Nip’s journey taught us to never fold under mental pressure. Similarly, he taught us to stay loyal to ourselves, our community, our families, and our visions.

He showed us how to be dedicated to our dreams and to give our hearts to whatever is aligned with our purpose. Additionally, your haters, your enemies, anybody who tries to stop you on your marathon toward success is your biggest propeller toward your goals.

That balance is needed to sustain growth. Blacc Sam shared a quote from Nip about the importance of staying solid until the end. “We gotta go. We don’t know if we gon go at 80, 60, 30 or 20, but the one thing is to make sure when you go, go the right way,” he said.

“You stand up for what you believe in. You put your money where your mouth is. You never fold, never let the pressure sway you from doing what you wanna do. Never let anything, the politics, stop you from coming around and staying around.”

Death is inevitable. Still, Nipsey Hussle Tha Great did that. Even in his darkest hour, Nip did not fold. Instead, he ascended to new heights. His earthly death gave new life to the seeds he planted during his lifetime. His death has united Los Angeles gang culture.

Nipsey’s spirit inspired the world to not sit back any longer and to unapologetically go after what you want. Nip showed us that the world really is ours. He put Crenshaw and Slauson on his back and now it is a hip-hop mecca.

At the Nipsey Hussle Celebration of Life Memorial Service, the mother of his child Lauren London shared a quote with the world that Nip always used to say.

“The game is gonna test you, never fold. Stay 10-toes down. It’s not on you, it’s in you and what’s in you, they can’t take away.”

Always remember to trust your process. The grind does not stop. The Marathon Continues. Long Live Nipsey Hussle Tha Great.