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The Lamborghini SUV is finally here and it will only cost you 200 racks

The Lamborghini SUV. It’s been talked about for years and many thought it was a myth.

But finally all of the speculation has been put to rest after the insane new announcement of the 2019 Urus and it will only cost you $200,000.

While it was announced back in 2015, this was really just one of those cases of we gotta see it to believe it. This shit is no lie clean but for 200 racks, you really gotta ask yourself, what exactly are you getting here? Well according to the specs,

“V8 twin-turbo engine, striking the perfect balance between raw power and responsive agility. ANIMA driving mode selector with Tamburo system, to switch between 7 unique driving modes, effortlessly. Enhanced safety systems. Cutting-edge on-board entertainment.”

Shit sounds lit I guess! Oh yeah, it also has a level 2 self-driving feature and it goes 190-mph. Pulling up with this to the Hamptons next summer will definitely guarantee you cheeks upon arrival.

Entering the SUV market for the first time, Lamborghini will now be going up against the likes of the Porsche Cayenne, the Bentley Bentayga, and of course the classics Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and Land Rover Range Rover.

But let’s be honest, this shit is meaner than all of those! Essentially, it’s a cross between the Aventador and Gallardo with rear seats and doors.

After months of road testing and people taking random videos of it (like the one below) the Urus is on the market as you’ll only see the richest of the rich whipping it around in the coming months.

But seriously, if you could actually afford to cop, would you?