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The iPhone X face ID is the high key snitch. But could it get you bagged?

Guess what?

If you copped the iPhone X your ugly ass face might be shared with other app developers.

Yeah, you fucked up.

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You thought you were hot with that new age technology, huh? Wrong! Apparently, the iPhone X’s facial recognition technology was meant to gee you, stupid.

The facial recognition data is supposed to stay stored on your phone. But, Apple’s privacy agreements do not extend to the thousands of developers who are looking to use the data to build entertainment features.

According to an analysis of a contract seen by Reuters,

“Apple allows developers to take certain facial data off the phone as long as they agree to seek customer permission and not sell the data to third parties.”

Making those silly faces ain’t not so fun now, huh? While you are trying to get just the right expression to unlock your phone, lowkey you are actually creating a database for developers to know your face down to a blink.

Theft of facial recognition data is not only scary because it could fall into the wrong hands, but aggressive marketers can use the data to direct certain content towards someone.

We’re not talking about aggressive marketing from Starbucks. Think about how this data can be used in political campaigns and in other fucked up ways.

The only defense Apple really has if someone uses the facial recognition data incorrectly is to kick them out of the App Store? Yeah, ok.

We feel real safe knowing that if our most private data is stolen you’ll ban someone from selling their product.

According to the Reuters report, “the company in 2011 told the U.S. Congress that it had never punished an app in that way for sharing user information with third parties without permission.”


Just like the Apple contract you agree to, the developer contract is the same – no one really “knows the details of what they agree to when they allow access to personal data.”

Feeling crazy yet? Nah? Bet. Drink some water, hydration might be the only thing that can save you from having an anxiety attack.

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Realistically, we all peaced.