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The iOS 11 update lets you screen record. It’s a wrap for your hotboy Snapchats.

If you thought the iPhone X using facial recognition for your butt ugly mug to unlock your phone was hotboy, wait until you hear about the latest iOS 11 update.

iOS 11 will come strapped with a bunch of new features.

Siri’s new ability to read your requests in audio form, a customizable control center, a do not disturb driving mode, and shareable WiFi are just a few of those features.

Peep everything that comes with the iOS 11

Sounds tough right? Guess what. This guy left out the most important feature. The new iOS update will have screen recording.

For the people sending lewd videos via Snapchat are you feeling crazy? You should. This life hack will allow all iOS 11 downloaders access to a screen camcorder that will capture your most private moments.

Oh yeah Instagram too. (Mwahaha)

Let me get a shout out for all those hotboy celebrities that post sus content and delete it. It’s over for you.

Snapchat has made updates to their apps adapting to iOS 11, allowing users to be notified whenever they take a snapshot or video of someone’s snap. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from being savage before.

You can cry and ask for someone to delete that video of you shwapping it, but all of those crocodile tears won’t take away the blackmail that screen camera man has on you.

Hopefully people learned their lesson from the Kevin Hart extortion scandal.

Savage life, AHHHH!

Real talk though, people are shook. Peep how Twitter users clapped back regarding the iOS 11 update.


Pull up, sip my tea

Don’t get caught slipping

Technology is the new god, ju hurd

The Grinch stole Snapchat

Stay woke and only use the screen recorder for good. FOH, who am I kidding? Be as savage as you want.