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The internet has everyone shook about the color of these Vans

Let’s get trippy.

A couple of years ago the internet was dumbfounded by a picture of a black and blue dress that people saw as gold and white.

Another meme has surfaced asking viewers, ‘what color do you see?’

What’s causing the color blind craze? A Vans sneaker. The sneaker appears to be shown under some whacky lighting giving it two forms of colorways – mint green and white or pink and white.

Tell me what you see. *Tupac Voice*

I can’t believe this is happening again

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People are literally yakking it from anxiety, trying to figure out what color the shoe really is. I see pink and white and I know I’m not color blind.

Hold the phone, there’s been an update. Some people are seeing a grey and white Van too.

Maybe Vans came out with the new wave – color changing sneakers?  I doubt it. But, the Twitter community seems to think so. Everyone is going crazy over what shade of the rainbow this sneaker is.

Someone, please help us! We need answers.

Your mind is playing tricks on you fam

We are not ready for this trickery again

Don’t hurt yourself

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Damn, the truth hurts

My guy’s brain is about to blow a gasket

Lay off the LSD

There are simple solutions to this equation

Damn, we’re all fucked up

But chill, it’s not that serious

I’m still shook AF!

But, I’m standing firm on pink and white. If you see a different colorway tell us what you see. It is vital that we find out the real answer, so we can put our minds at ease.