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The Ingraham Angle is cancelled: Don’t you ever talk down on Nipsey’s name

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham, you are wildin’ for respect fam. What were you thinking on Friday’s episode of The Ingraham Angle? Did the culture miss something? Is there a reason why you found humor in the death of our king Nipsey Hussle Tha Great after he was put to rest three hours earlier?

To you, Mrs. Ingraham, it might just be another black person that lost his life to the cold streets. But, for us, FOR US, Nipsey was more than great. He was and still is a beacon of hope for many.

He wasn’t just some thug. He was our thug. A thug with a large heart. A thug who was human. A thug that left behind two children. A thug who was truly invested in his community. A thug who had a legacy.

His life’s blueprint can be used as a way out for the youngins still chained to the streets. Your sarcastic remarks on your little Fox show were not needed. Still, you couldn’t hold back, could you?

That tight lip of yours couldn’t refrain from throwing shade on one of the greatest rappers. Your tight skinny lip just couldn’t hold back…

“Now that’s a very creative refrain,” Ingraham goes. Pshhh.

THAT’S RIGHT LAURA. YEAH, FUCK DONALD TRUMP, STILL! Just seeing how hard it was for you to say “F Donald Trump” was entertaining hell! It sent a chill through my spine watching you clench your jaw while saying the sweetest phrase I’ve heard in the past decade.

Unannounced to you Mrs. Ingraham, “FDT” is a revolutionary rap track packed with metaphors and hip-hop similies, but all you heard was the hook. Did you even bother watching the video from the beginning? Did you even bother to do your research before putting up the “FDT” snippet? Because in that little video you played you featured the big homie YG not Nipsey Hussle, cuz.

Mrs. Ingraham, you missed the part where YG and Nipsey Hussle charged viewers to “register and choose wisely.” If you were to call yourself a “journalist” you would’ve been well aware of what this video really represented.

But, no you want to focus on the hook. What about the three other verses or the interlude…

“We the youth. We the people of this country. We got a voice too. We will be seen, and we will be heard.”

All artists ask for are to be heard. Similarly, it’s just like millions of people hear you, every day, on your ass racist show. Truthfully, Mrs. Ingraham, your actions were truly trashy AF!

Do better dawg. Simply put, Laura [clasp hands and exhales], it’s not looking to good for you out here on these streets. Don’t you ever talk down on an OG’s name ever again. Especially, because he’s not alive to clap back.

The marathon will always continue…