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The importance of feeling: How processing emotion relates to success

Who has times for feelings? What are emotions, if not excuses and distractions? Suck it up. Get back to the drawing board. Make it happen, no matter what’s happening.

These and thoughts like these are often the mindset of entrepreneurs, professionals, or anyone chasing a dream. We get so caught up in execution and efficiency, that we see our own emotions as liabilities or low on our priority list.

But in reality what we go through and the myriad of emotions that we endure along the way is instrumental to wherever we’re trying to go.

In fact, our emotions are pivotal to our our success. When we don’t take time to process the toll of the fatigue, time away from family, and failures, we not only affect our health, but we obscure our perspective.

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It’s important we understand that greatness isn’t easy. There are supposed to be downs and times we want to quit. But numbing those frustrations only gives us a false idea of what it takes to achieve it.

Once we come to terms with not having it, we’ll be able to appreciate it when we do. When we tune in to our emotions and allow ourselves to work through our feelings, we become better equipped to accept the long-suffering that success requires.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in America, with over 21% of adults (42.5 million) affected by these debilitating illnesses each year. The stresses of life aren’t beyond your reach, everyone needs a release.

Love Yours

We’re in the best headspace to appreciate life’s journey when we’re emotionally in-tune. Only then are we able to see the beauty in the now and to love our process without envying someone else’s.

Whether you’re starting a business, or are an artist, musician, or even in school, there will always be someone in a position you feel you deserve. During these times you’re going to feel frustrated and defeated. You’re going to ask if it’s worth the grind and you’ll question everything.

Contrary to what you may think, these emotions are good.

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When you process your emotions and allow yourself to feel them in their entirety, you’re giving yourself a clear head to channel them constructively, instead of the self-destructive nonproductive ways we tend to revert to.

Once we get that frustration is normal and not the end of the world, we’ll be able to appreciate every step. The good ones and the bad ones.

Understanding failure

Avoiding emotion is just another way of running away. Instead of trying to hide the hurt and disappointment in our lives why don’t we try to understand it?

Failure, for example, is a certain occurrence. So whenever we don’t stop and acknowledge how failure makes us feel, it makes it harder each time it happens.

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I guess it’s easy to believe that once you reach a certain level of success there aren’t failures anymore and that it’s all flowers and roses, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The most successful people failed often. The difference is, they learn from it.

Being at the bottom shouldn’t discourage us, it should motivate and push us. It’s only when we accept accept pain that we can use it for fuel.

Mental health

Most of all, processing our emotions and how we feel is important because our mental health depends on it.

No matter who you are or what place you hold, you should be allowed to be angry and sad and tired and boisterous. When we stagnate and keep these feelings in, we hinder our potential mental well-being.

Places like have screenings that allow you to test your anxiety and stress and other possible concerns and even helps you find someone to turn to if you did want to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

When we’re aware we’re not feeling like ourselves, there are resources like these at our fingertips to help us better understand. We’re never alone.

You don’t have to suppress and numb your emotions. It is perfectly fine to find a healthy way to vent and express yourself. It’s okay to feel.

Once we see every emotion is valid and let them be, the more successful we’ll become.