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The greatest 2 Chainz quotes that proves he’s low key a philosopher

2 Chainz

2 Chainz is TRUUUU AF.  He’s been in the game since 1997 and has been keeping it a buck from the jump.

Straight out of College Park, the Pretty Girls Love Trap Music rapper has always been real. When it came to stunting on Nancy Grace while debating the use of medical marijuana, he killed it.

Tity Boi not only stated what the positive effects of the drug could have on the human body, but he also pointed out the positive monetary effects it could have on the community.

And the homie took a bong rip in the name of Nancy Grace. Hannn.

He’s inspired by his own circumstance and beginnings as most philosophers are.

Check out his brand CEO Millionaires. The brand is dedicated to giving natural born hustlers a vision. No, CEO doesn’t stand for chief executive officer. CEO stands for CREATING. EVERY. OPPORTUNITY.

Music is his trap. 2 Chainz is “never not working.” He always needs a studio so he can record in real time. When he makes music it’s therapeutic to him. He has studios at his cribs in LA, Miami, and books time whenever he’s in NYC.

Homie even got a scholarship to college and he finished. Check out what he had to say to The Daily Beast regarding his education and it being an inspiration to his career now,

“Truth be told, I was a felon before I was old enough to drive, vote, do a bunch of that shit. But that don’t define who I am now, because I’m a success story. Me getting a scholarship and going to college, that had a lot to do with me being smart. In Georgia, they had a thing called the HOPE Scholarship where, back then, all you needed was a 3.2 grade point average. I could’ve stayed in Georgia, sold dope, and went to school, but I decided to sell dope and go to school somewhere else.”

Now, isn’t that the most TRU thing you’ve heard?

2 Chainz is the definition of a success story. He had to hustle hard for what he wanted and it didn’t just happen overnight. He didn’t have any special connections that put him on or a rich daddy to support his career.

He had his philosophy and that’s just being TRUUUUUU.