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The ‘First of all’ meme is blowing up everywhere, but WTF does it mean?

I’m an avid /r/BlackPeopleTwitter user, checking it about once a day to brush up on my meme use.

I’ve loved memes since the day I found them. Everything about them is so convenient, so genius, so simple: An overused, relatable picture to express the daily struggles we all go through “alone.”

My favorite meme to this day remains Waka Flocka’s “Ok…”

When the “First of all” meme hit the internet yesterday, I have to say, I didn’t get it.

But, as memes do, the grappling feeling of giving into conventional culture sinks in, and you find yourself laughing at the most light hearted shit that just puts a smile on your face.

Now, “First of all” is popping up all over the internet.

Like this one, which triggered memories I have no interest in rehashing.

Leave it to Netflix to join in on the laugh and make shit funny.

But really, they can be anything at all:

It’s kind of like not really giving a fuck, dead pan humor, and an anti-joke in one.

What do you think about the first of all meme? Do you get it? Do you like it? Will it fizzle and die out the way so many memes did in 2016?

Although Arthur and Me-to-Me Kermit can still make me laugh for days.