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The DEA has approved sketchy fake bud for medicinal use, but not actual weed

The DEA is a fake ass stoner. On Wednesday they announced that a liquid form of synthetic THC, Syndros, is better for you than actual Cali Greens.

These snitches actually announced that Syndros will be categorized as a Schedule II controlled substance allowing it to be legally prescribed by doctors.

Wait a minute, fake liquid THC can be prescribed by doctors and real bud can’t? That’s fucked up. Then ‘Real’ marijuana shouldn’t be listed with mescaline, heroin, and MDMA as a Schedule I drug.

Lest we mention Insys, the pharmaceutical company behind Syndros, also created the deadly painkiller Subsys.

To make you even sicker, Insys’ former CEO was recently charged with RICO conspiracy and wire fraud charges.

Homie was bribing doctors to prescribe the addictive fentanyl-based synthetic opioid Subsys. He and his conspirators are also known to have popped off America’s opioid epidemic.

It’s scary to think that this is the same company behind the synthetic Syndros “medicine.” Even scarier that patients with appetite loss, on chemotherapy, or dealing with AIDS will beusing this medicine.

Why can’t we just legalize medical marijuana at a federal level? It can’t be that much of a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. Or is it?

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Insys is openly opposed to the growth of the medical marijuana industry.

Back in 2016, the criminal pharma company donated $500,000 to an anti-marijuana legalization campaign in Arizona.

This sounds very sus to me. Why would the DEA trust a criminal deadly painkiller manufacturer to create a synthetic medicinal THC liquid?

Most wouldn’t trust an entity like that to create any kind of medicine. To be honest that whole company should’ve been shut down. For sure they have a devil’s hand in the opioid epidemic.

Let’s pray that the DEA rethinks this approval before it’s too late.

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