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The Cool Kids are back with an album and sketch comedy show

The highly anticipated Shit Show finally dropped yesterday and it had me in the coffin from start to finish. The sketch comedy show, created by Jimmy Regular and Chicago rap duo The Cool Kids, proved itself to be — well, uh, different.

The first episode labeled “SHIT SHOW ISSUE 001” opens up with a colorful vortex that sucks you into a white backdrop with an explosive title, which commences to be shot by a machine gun synchronized with a tuff ass beat.

This is definitely something to watch dumb high.

Switching to the opening scene Hannibal Buress introduces The Cool Kids in a unique way making sure you don’t mistake the Chitown rap duo for any other group. Sir Michael Rocks then asks Buress if he’s ever scared when he smokes the piff.

The clip of Mikey paranoid off a fat L had me rollin.

The Shit Show fits right into the trippy content being created in these oh so psychedelic times. Cameos of a fan admiring Key!, Twista balancing a poolstick on a cue ball, Chance the Rapper chopping it up with The Cool Kids, “Dipset Freestyles” with Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky all make the show wild interesting.

I can’t forget the advice rapper K E I T H  gives us on how to get high in NYC, the fugazi version of Trumpito, Sir Micheal Rocks taking on a persona of a sauced news reporter “Lance Bingemton,” and Chuck English playing the part of a legendary Chicago old head Clarence.

Chief Keef, Wale, and Pouya are also featured briefly.

The comedy sketch is worth watching and will have you crying from laughter. Peep it for yourself below.

Make sure you check out The Cool Kids musical comeback with their album Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe, due to drop on September 15th.