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The city of Toronto is trying to give Kawhi Leonard free food and a penthouse to stay

The Raptors are having the best season they’ve ever had in the franchise’s 25-year history. It’s safe to say it’s all thanks to their all-NBA forward, Kawhi Leonard.

That includes Vince Carter’s Raptors, Tracey McGrady’s Raptors, and Chris Bosh’s Raptors, who are all headed to the Hall of Fame.

As of today, they’re tied 2-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals with the Milwaukee Bucks with game five tonight, meaning they’re a legit two games of away of reaching the NBA Finals.

If there is anyone fully aware of this it’s the city of Toronto, that, with each day, throws themselves at Kawhi. The effort is put forth in hopes that the perennial all-star won’t resign after becoming a free agent this summer on July 1.

Yesterday, it was reported that Toronto restaurants offered Kawhi Leonard free food for life if he stays with Raptors. The new tactic called “Ka’Wine and Dine,” in which they offer free food to Leonard for life if he re-signs with the Raptors.

In theory, the sticker indicates that it’s an establishment that will always welcome Leonard and cover his tab.

Now, a representative for the brokerage confirmed to Narcity that Simon Mass, CEO of The Condo Store Realty Inc. is prepared to gift Leonard a multi-million-dollar penthouse in downtown Toronto if the player agrees to re-sign with the Raptors.

According to the report, Leonard will get to choose between several lavish penthouse condos at the Four Seasons, St. Regis, or Carlton Residences in Toronto.

Here’s a look of them below:

“We want to do what we can to ensure that our MVP stays in Toronto where he is loved and respected for being the ‘best of the best’ for the basketball-loving public of Toronto and Canada,” Mass said to Narcity.

“We are throwing everything we have at The Condo Store to show Kawhi how much we appreciate his efforts to date and his future commitment to Canada’s only NBA franchise,” he continued.

While it is true that the Cali native purchased a home in Toronto this year, he also has a sweet $13.3 million pad out back home, where he could reportedly sign.

Toronto has obviously seen all they need to, having rolled out all the red carpet. They can only hope that the star who doesn’t like to shine is somehow impressed. Based on how he’s conducted himself in his career thus far, I’m sure no one has a read or is close to telling.

Game five of the Eastern Conference Finals is tonight in Milwaukee and airs on TNT.