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The Champion Mindset of LeBron shows us all how to think like a King

Frederick Douglas once said, “A man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.” But in this day and age, how do you define greatness? What does greatness look like? Why does everyone chase it?

Unless you were born into wealth, we all start from the bottom, period. That’s the one thing most of us have in common. The road to success is never easy either. We must go through the mud to get it, be mocked, hated on and often times misunderstood.

In every industry, there is a universal process that everyone goes through to achieve success. Some people push through and endure to the other side while others often times fall short by giving up.

The process of achieving greatness is always consistent too. First, there are humble beginnings, then your breakthrough, a major setback to overcome and then that moment of clarity where you declare that yourself worthy of success.

The mindset of a successful athlete is no different and for champion LeBron James, he declared himself worthy at 16.

For 15 years the transcendent LeBron has put the city of Akron on his back (even when he was down in Miami) and has carried the hopes and dreams of a city that has seen very little success on a national scale. But growing up idolizing MJ, LeBron has been chasing the ghost of greatness since he’s stepped foot on an NBA court.

Three championships and four MVPs later, LeBron is still chasing greatness.

But one has to ask why is LeBron so great? What separates him from the rest of the other superstars in the league? One word: mindset.

LeBron James has the mindset of a King and the heart of a champion, which translates on and off the court. LeBron may have more years in the NBA behind him than he has ahead, but he also knows that he’s never too old to keep learning.

When it comes to making off the court, it’s hard to find a busier athlete than LeBron. Between a billion dollar lifetime deal with Nike, starring and producing in Hollywood films, and even educating the kids by creating new schools in the area, he truly doing those extra things that truly make you great.

LeBron always had confidence in his abilities and the future of his brand. At a young just 19, he had the audacity to walk away from $10 million deal from Reebok while he was still in high school! Where they do that at?!

Since then LeBron has built one of the most impressive business portfolios in all of sports as he’s proved his mindset doesn’t just apply to the court as an all-around player. He’s able to take that drive to business too.

The bottom line is that it all starts with self. First, you have to establish the goal it is you want to achieve and executing that by overcoming anything in your way.

Just look at what LeBron has built with all of the pressure in the world on him. Not bad for a kid from Akron, Ohio.