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The ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl explains how the f*ck she got a record deal

The only thing more shocking than the way Danielle Bregoli speaks to her mother is the fact that with no previous musical experience at all, the internet celebrity now known as “Bad Bhabi” has signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

I suppose the more shocking part is her hit single “These Heauxs“, which dropped at the end of August, has over 52 million views, and is actually… good?

Sorry not sorry, I support Bhad Bhabie in all her auto-tuned goodness.

People still salty, though, questioning how she went from a punk on Dr. Phil’s stage to a celebrity whose relevance we still talk about.

Sometimes people just get their break. Rather than berating Danielle for catching her, supposedly undeserved one, we should be encouraging her to become a more proactive member of society, that way everyone benefits from the audience she is able to reach.

Although, if you ask me, she’s managed to handle herself wonderfully already. In an interview with Hip Hop DX, she shares her feelings about being signed:

“What would you do if you were put in the situation I was? And your mom put you on a TV show and you came home from a program, and you didn’t even know the latest music that was out — didn’t know anything.”

She’s managed to balance her new fame very well, taking part of different creative outlets, despite originally blowing up as an internet meme.

“Your mom gives you your phone and you look on the Instagram explore page, and there’s a million pictures of you? Every other picture is a picture of you with something saying, ‘Cash me ousside’ on it and you don’t even remember that you said that. Then all of sudden somebody calls you and they’re like, ‘Hey do you rap, do you sing?’ And you say no, but they wanna manage you and say, ‘I think we can make something out of you.'”

She shares her full take on the pressures and glamour of Hollywood and the promises she was made regarding her signing. Then, in a simple question, she forces anyone hating on her to rethink their stance: “Are you not gonna take that?”

“Then they fly you out to Los Angeles and they basically put you in a little Airbnb, and they take you to meet with a record label because they just want to meet you. They think that you can be an artist. They ask you if you like music, you say, ‘Yes.’ They say, ‘Okay we want to give you a record deal. You sound good.’ Are you not gonna take that?”

Along with her other hit singles,  “I Got It,” “Hi Bich,” “Whachu Know,” and “These Heaux,” Danielle just released “Momma Ain’t Dirty” and it’s pretty hot.

Mama don’t worry, mama don’t worry, I did all this dirt and still ain’t dirty.